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Five Perfect Ways To Feel Calm and Wind Down

Sleep to me, is crazy important... I'm one of those people who if I don't have enough of it I turn into a bit of a monster... you know, kinda like the snickers advert but with sleep. Although the sleep part of sleeping is super important. I've also realised just HOW important wind down time is too. I used to spend hours on my laptop and then expect to fall asleep straight away and wonder why I couldn't. 

You gotta give yourself some, you time.... soon today I wanted to share five ways in which I do that, so here goes... 

Switch it off:
I meant this one sounds much easier than it is... I know just how tempting scrolling through your inbox or watching just one more episode on Netflix can be but trust me, if you just put the screens away like a hour before bedtime you will feel SO much calmer.

Get your pen out:
Another little thing I tend to do if something really playing on my mind is to just write it down... there's nothing worse than trying to sleep when you mind is working at one million miles an hour thinking about something you're stressed about. SO instead of letting the feeling overwhelm you, just let it all out, grab a pen and just write what you're feeling. What you're thinking down... and just breathe. You got this.

Bubble bath fix everything:
Seriously, what situations can't a bubble bath fix? I'm SUCH a bath loverrrr.... whether it's stress, achey muscles from going to a butt class or just just trying to with off after a long day, a good bubble filled, candle lit bath usually does the trick.

Oil me up baby:
Okay so this one's a fave. and although very obvious it does the trick EVERYtime! Candles = my mood... If I light a lovely autumnal one, I'm automatically cozy, it ' its something fresh and light I'm feeling more awake, and it it's anything to do with lavender I'm really for ZZZZZZ. Something new that I have been using ALOT recently is my oil burner and oh the oils are amazing ! The lavender scent is just so dreamt and the room is filled with a spa like, calming see straight away!

Another face mask:
So this one might not be for everyone, I find face masks SO relaxing and the whole pampering thing alone just calms me down, and clears my mind instantly. 

What's your go-to when you wanna feel the cclmmmmmmm and wind down?

Let's talk about...

Most of you know over the past couple weeks, I haven't been myself. I felt so low, I couldn't focus on anything or get myself out of bed in the morning, all I wanted to do is get away. 
I am feeling better, but some days is a struggled. 

"Why would somebody who shared a relationship with and who believe that we were loving to, choose to spread misinformation designed to discredit you?"
The person who sets you up or spreads untruths after a breakup wants to: 
Control who is in touch with you... 

I have realised I am a emotional person... I used to think of this as a negative thing but not anymore! I now accept the fact that if I'm feeling anxious, stressed, or down I just need to allow myself time to absorb the emotion, understand it and then try and snap out of it. This week I wanted to talk about one feeling in particular and my experience with it... Stress. Everyone feels it and if you're quite an anxious person like myself. 

"Acknowledge the trigger"
Now this may seen really obvious but actually acknowledge WHY you're feeling stressed can be, well... stressful. I usually put something off and off and off until I'm so stressed about it, thatI have to face it head on. Don't do this, it wastes time and energy. You can to understand what is stressing you out, and then work out how you can resolve it. Understanding where the root is, is always the first step. 

"Think in the Now"
I've really been trying to put this phrase into practise over the past few weeks. It's super easy to get caught up in the future before you've even handled the now... suddenly you've already zoomed past the thing that you're stressed about and are thinking about next week/next year. Seriously, however off over said this line is... take a breath. Just stop. Bring yourself back to the moment and look around you take in your environment and just bloody breathe. I have been in the position countless times where I find myself suddenly worrying about something that has NEVER EVEN HAPPENED, so try really hard to stay in the snow and focus on what's happening, not what could happen. 

Don't feel alone. Don't let the feeling take over. DO stay calm, bring yourself back to the moment and do whatcha gotta do. Maybe it will be hard, maybe it will test you but you've got this.

"Look after YOU"
Looking after you is the absolutely MOST important thing. When I feel like everything is getting on top of me I turn to a "pamper" evening. Now, pamper evenings are usually related to shaving your legs and putting a face mask on, and although I definitely do do those things, my pamper evenings are more of a mental one. I usually start by having a bath and try to clear my head. This could be by writing down your thoughts, or making list - lists always help. Alternatively pick up the phone, talk what is going on through with someone. Then grab all of your favourite products and just totally indulge... in yourself.

"Move your Body"
This leads onto exercise. Now I'm pretty awful when it comes to exercise, I'm usually an all or nothing kinda gal but i'm trying really hard to find a happy, healthy medium and fit exercise into my weekly diary. The one thing I do know is that if I'm feeling crappy/tense headed and stressed exercise is GREAT... go for a walk, a run, a swim.. what ever takes your fancy but just moving you're body will make you feel SO much better.

Listening to one song can literally change my entire mood... When trying to wind down, pick a playlist that you loveeee and know will make you feel calm. 

"Shoulda, woulda, coulda"
Lastly, please don't swell on the past. It can't be changed and that's totally ok. Instead lets concentrate on the future, what you plan on doing now, what's your next step and how you're going to do this. Pump yourself with positivity and look forward not back. Always, Always, Always. 

Good Morning: Mornings are my favourite time of day

Good morning everyone! It's Friday - woo hoo!

The early morning is my favourite for so many reasons. I love sunrise, the start of a new day and the endless possibilities of what the day could bring.

I also love breakfast. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. I could eat breakfast for every meal and be a happy woman. This morning I am having American pancakes with homemade strawberries jam. 
My morning cup of coffee is another favourite part of my mornings. It warms me up, wakes me up and tastes so good! 
What is your favourite coffee? Do you like coffee?

I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!