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REVIEW: Sketchers on The Go 400 Vivacity Ladies Flip Flop

These are a flip flops with a difference. The Sketchers On the go 400 vivacity flip flops are a study built to last. Quite often one for the major complaints of flip flops are that the grips on them are sadly lacking and they send you skidding all over the place especially when on wet grounds. 

Just by looking at these On the go 400's we wouldn't think that this would be a problem. According to the manufacturers literature these come equipped with something called GOimpulse sensor for improved traction. Certainly if you turn these over and have look at the soles they are incredibly chunky looking and seem as if they should be good over wet and even slippery terrain. 


Skin is very temperamental and I am more unfortunate than most as I suffer with sensitive combination skin. Over many years I have tried quite a few skin care products. From some of the high street versions like Simple and Olay to the more premium end of the market like Clinque and Dermalogica. After so many years of trying different products from these brands I came across the best so far... Decleor!

At the time I had some blemish issues and pimples on my face not too noticeable but very annoying for me. I had always suffered with a couple of pimple here and there. I put it down to not drinking enough water, oily skin and hormone changes taking place. One thing I could control is the oiliness of my skin and it's appearance using beauty products. 

The cleansing milk and tonifying lotion are two of Decleor's best selling products.

Decleor Cleansing Milk 

The Decleor cleansing milk is an incredibly light, milky cleanser that is lightly fragranced with essential oils of which lavender can be particularly noted. The cleansing milk does remove most makeup and dirt from my face however if I have a full face heavy makeup, notably Estee Lauder's Double Wear. I will take the thick of my makeup off with Decleor Cleanse 3 in 1 Hydra Radiance smoothing mouse, then deeply cleanse with the cleansing milk and toner.

To apply it I dampen a couple of cotton wool pads slightly with some water so that they're damp, not soaking and I then squirt some of cleansing milk on the cotton pad before gently wiping it over my face and neck. Dampening the cotton pad, means the cleansing milk isn't as easily absorbed so you end up using less product.

Decleor Tonifying Lotion 

I always use the Decleor Tonifying Lotion hand in hand with the cleansing milk as they are the perfect accompaniment to one another. The toner is alcohol free so it isn't harsh on my skin and it still  does a fantastic job of removing any remaining oil, makeup and dirt from my face left over after cleansing. The Decleor lotion leaves my skin smooth and oil free but not dry and prepared for the application of further skincare products. To apply I simply soak it into a cotton pad and sweep over my face and neck. 

If you've had bad experiences with other cleansers and toners, if you're looking for something natural and gentle or if you're got sensitive skin then I would highly recommend the Decleor Cleanisng Milk and Tonifying Lotion. 

Decleor have since changed the packaging of the majority of their skincare range. I always buy my Decleor products from my local beauty salon.

Never have I or will I ever look at another skincare brand again! Decleor has an exceptional range of outstanding products that my sensitive skin has not reacted to, that has seen my blemishes reduced, redness too and those pimples I having? ALL GONE.

Have you tried Decleor products before? What is your favourite cleanser and toner?


I had never used Decleor before so wasn't sure what to expect as I'm not a skin care expert, although I heard very good things about it. For many years I've really not had time to stick to skin care routine but lately I have been suffering bad with blemishes again and it gets me down, looses my confident. I have sensitive skin and so I've been cautious of trying new things but I visited my local Beauty Barn at Little Grimsby (if your local, Beauty Barn has a whole range of Decleor).

We all know how important it is to have a proper cleaning routine. Cutting corners (like me) can lead to 'problem skin' which is often caused when we don't cleanse our skin properly. This can be the result of either sleeping in our make up or using facial wipes which leaves some form of residue behind, regardless of how clean the wipe will come away from our skin.