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Review: Robinsons Refresh'd Spring Water with Real Fruit

I remember when I was growing up there was always a bottle of Robinsons in my house. Now when I am working on the farm, mucking out especially I always find myself reaching for ice cold drink when I get home but it's hard to find one without any artificial sweeteners in. Luckily, Robinsons have come to the rescue with their new range of naturally sweetened drinks called Refresh'd contains spring water, fruit juices, natural flavours. It was very refreshing.

Joining their huge range of drinks in Robinsons Refresh'd, a mix of spring water and real fruit in three flavours: Raspberry & Apple, Orange & Lime and Apple & Kiwi. With 100% natural ingredients, there is no added sugar or any nasties so it's a brilliant choice. My favourite has to be Raspberry & Apple as it's such a fresh, juicy taste which will be ideal for summer.

Overall, this is a great new range from Robinsons and does exactly what it says on the label, they are refusing, light and naturally sweet with a hint of fruitiness. I would be very happy buying these on the go, which isn't some thing I can say about most juice drinks they're usually too sugary or laden with artificial ingredients. Thankfully not in this case.
Robinsons definitely get a big thumbs up!

Robinsons Refresh'd drinks are available in single 500ml.

Available at most supermarkets & Amazon!!


Puff Pastry Sausage Roll Recipe

"You can't beat a warm, flaky sausage roll"

I made these little beauties for my farmer friends last week.
A bad sausage roll is a truly terrible thing (anaemic clods of pastry wrapped around greasy grey meat).
There's a little that beats the crisp, flaky, buttery goodness of the real deal, homemade and hot from the oven, eaten in quick succession as your month burns and your tastebuds sing. 
I really need to learn how to make pastry, instead of store-bought pastry Jus-rol but its easy and there isn't any fuss. 

The sausage meat is flavoured with smoked paprika for a spicy, ever-so-slightly sweet kick.  

Now, if you don't know it, sausage rolls are an Australian thing. 

Review: PhD Smart Bars Chocolate Brownie

There are so many different protein bars available now it's hard to keep track. It's not helped by the fact that every company tries to make their bars sound like the best thing since sliced bread. 

Chocolate brownie, a flavour we would have thought would've been the best of the Smart Bar menu but the flavour was rich and the bitterness from the chocolate. The sweet chocolate coating comes first but instead of getting any other flavours mixed in with it, the chocolate taste just gets richer as you bite in and chew the bar. Eventually you get a truly dark, double chocolate like taste in your month, that's so swat and heavy that you forget there is also some crunch to it.