Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Christmas Gifts for Farmers

Are you still shopping or just started shopping for your favourite farmer? 

Check out these ideas! 

There's a certain irony in that i've been trying to write this post for a week, Christmas gifts for farmers and i haven't the foggiest idea of what i am getting my own farmer for Christmas. So let it be known i am digging up inspiration for all of us, and please forward any ideas you might have, please and thank you. 
With that, a few ideas i've found and a note: this is part 1 of a series of two blogs. Christmas gift ideas for farmers... for farmwives... Let the shopping begin!

Rechargeable Spotlight: I come from a long line of farmers who are, ahem, incredibly picky about their flashlights. Whatever, my boyfriend says this is a good one, if for no reason that it's incredibly bright (good for checking cows this winter) and it recharges with a regular extension cord, no keeping track of (yet another) charging cord. Black and Decker makes an LED model that looks like a solid choice, too.

Le Chameau: Le Chameau has expanded their line of boots, and they become very popular in the farming community. They are my favourite boots, i literally have 3 pairs and they are brilliant, neoprene are very warm. Perfect for your farmer (keep him snug during the winter months). They have a lot more stores selling them, Luck of Louth have a good range in store and can order whatever in for you. You will have to look around but some websites they do come with a free boot bag. 

Turtle Fur Neck Warmers: This is more on the stocking stuffer line but cold weather gear is always useful and gaiters heat all the heat in and the cold out. This version is from Columbia USA looks promising for keeping hay, etc. But i am not sure what that interior fabric is like. Let me know if you've tried it. 

Smartphone Protection: What farmer doesn't need a Otterbox to protect there smartphone? Their company tagline: "Waterproof, drop proof, dust proof, crush proof." They don't say "farmer proof" but i think it's implied. I've heard of them being run over by tractors, dropped in bins, mowed over, dropped in water tanks, you name it! Free Shipping over £25 orders, right now too. 

Farmers Calendar: We are big fans of the Grassmen in our household. You could make one yourself with your farming you've taken over the year for the grandparents. You can print for a very reasonable price. You could also make some pretty cool ornaments with the right photos. It might be neat to have one for each harvest, with your favourite harvest photo. A tradition in the making!

Farmers Weekly Subscription: Get your loved one a regular copy of his favourite rural red with a gift subscription to Farmers Weekly. For a full year, the magazine is £119, the tablet edition is £142.80 and there's a special bundled package of both at just £152.90. There are also six month offers available

Indestructible Flask: Thermos flask are brilliant, they don't leak and keeps hot water hot, or cold water cold for 24 hours - which mean no lukewarm coffee even during the longest shift out in the tractor. Virtually in breakable with a dent resistant stainless steel body. It is so robust it comes with a five year guarantee. It's the Hulk of Thermos flasks.

Meat: This can come in a variety of forms. Farmers literally eat any meat. So they won't be disappointed on what you get them. Other idea: Gift card for his favourite butchers in town.

Farm Supplies: Some farmers might also like a gift card to your local farm supply store.

Toy Tractors: i cant believe i didn't include this one until one of our farmers reminded me. You can find these at any Tractor store in Louth.
"Money comes and goes but toy tractors last forever."

Leave me a comment if you have any other ideas, as i am really struggling what to get my farmer this year!!

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