Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Christmas Gifts for Farmers Wives

Here is a few gift ideas for the farmer starting his Christmas shopping for his wife.

House Cleaning: This is not a joke. More than one of my friends mentioned she would love to have a gift certificate for a cleaning service. I'll admit it, it does feel like a sort of get out of jail free card something to stash away and put out when you're desperate. men if there's a cleaning service in your town this will be an east gift to procure. If not, you'll have to check around the independent cleaning experts and ask if they'll set you up with a gift certificate. 

Weekend getaway: Act now and you can still make this happen! Book somewhere relaxing, find a grandma/sitter for the kids and get away for a bit.

Manicure/Pedicure: This will entirely depend on you wife's preferences. Some would never get a manicure (every time i get a manicure it lasts about a day). Others might see that as a real treat. If you have absolutely no idea, move on to the next idea. 

Boots: Not just any boots. They're called Hunter rain boots, another friend tells me they're all the rage among the fashion conscious. Apparently you can help with chores and look fabulous, thanks to these boots. Personally, i would put i pair of Muck boots or Le Chameau on my list because my old muck boots are cracked and i don't think i'll eeek another calving season out of them. I know not a Hunter Boot fan but your wife may love them. You can find these boots of these very own website or Luck of Louth have a range of them in the shoe shop. 

Massage: It's a very stressful time at Christmas for the wives especially as they get the wonderful job cooking christmas dinner for the whole family (thats my favourite helping my mama in the kitchen) So after Christmas it would be lovely to have a pamper at a salon in town or somewhere more relaxing like Beautiful Indulgence is just 10mins from Louth. It is a lovely relaxing salon and you totally feel pampered after spending time there. 

House Stuff: Maybe there's something she's been mentioning for awhile? Like anew light fixture for the dining room? Or shelves for the bathroom? i hear there are gift certificates at places like Lees Furnishers, that would help fix just such a problem. Promising to install it for he before spring with minimal grumbling would be an equally valuable present alongside. 

Music: Does she spend a lot of time in the car? Maybe a docking station to put in the kitchen? I won a Bose docking stations several years ago and it changed the way we listen to music in our house. I LOVE this thing. I don't think if it's true but i hear they have a Bluetooth version now, too. 

Jewellery: Personalised jewellery. Not on the High Street is my favourite store online for jewellery, it's very unique. Daniella Draper  jewellery is very elegant and you can put your favourite quote that you say to you girl on a bracelet. 

Coat & Gloves: She can always use a good Barbour, Schoffel or Dubarry coat and good barn gloves. Especially if she has children, who may or may not have stolen all of her things and left them somewhere. Not that happens or anything. Bonus: you can get these at P&B. Done

Restaurant Gift Card: I know it doesn't seem very creative, but most everyone loves a good meal. Pick a great local restaurant or a bigger chain for a nice night out. It's none of my business but please don't take her to KFC, she deserves better than that. Just saying!!

Leave me a comment, if you purchased any of these gifts.

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