Friday, 6 November 2015

Farmers Need Real Food, not just Nibbles

From being young i have always wanted to be Farmers Wife. I just love to be in the kitchen with mama, i do prefer to be on my own as everybody gets in the way. When i'm cooking, it literally drives me mad! 
This years birthday Mr Farmer bought me a new stand mixer and i am literally obsessed, it hasn't stopped for a month. I have baked a million cakes for the farmers at work etc. I think they are getting fatter. Haha. I keep cooking Mr Farmer something different every night, i love trying new foods but some days when i have been working. I throw a few things together and out would come a fancy delicious meals. 
When i first met Mr Farmer, i didn't really cook. I was working 24/7 and didn't have time at all, he cooked me lots of romantic meals but now it's the other way round. Mr Farmer is literally at work all the time, i never really see him much, only when we go to sleepy time but i am starting to see him more now because it's winter and there isn't much going on now. 

So i figure it's best to cook up good, hearty food that's filling, rather then fancy dishes that just look good! 
I'd love to know your staple meals, the ones you turn to every week that you know will work and the family will love. 

Here's ours
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Steaks with vegetable or salad or maybe fries
  • Lamb Roast dinner 
  • Lincolnshire Sausages with onions and mash and gravy 
  • Red curry chicken with salad
  • Rice Salad with meat
  • Potatoes Breakfast 
  • Lasagne 
  • Meatballs and pasta sauce
  • Homemade Potatoes & Leek soup 
Gosh! It's a small list, when i think about it! We really do have the same sorts of meals each week!
Oh well, as long as we're fed, that's all that matters, in the farming world!! 

It's Friday so it's time to order some pizza's and fries, and salad etc. Depends who at the table tonight. We usually have a take out on Friday, day off for me from cooking. 

Abbie May

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