Harvesting my Parsnips


Is it really November 1st today? This year has gone way too fast, i can't keep up. I decided it was time to harvest my parsnips as some of them was ready to harvest, and some have stopped growing (most probably given up). I know that feeling. Haha. We have got quite a few, that are really good this year. Last year was our first year growing them and they didn't really work out. Practice makes perfect! Wouldn't say they are perfect this year though but still a good effort.

It wouldn't think its November, it's unbelievable warm today, it's actually more like summer than Autumn. At 11 o'clock it was 17 degrees, that's warm for November surely. I can see from sitting here in the office, that our friendly mist is appearing over the wolds. I have just come inside to chill, write this blog, drink some tea and have a snack on my favourite biscuits malted milk. 
Farmer Biscuits!!

On the farm, we have a new type of parsnip Abbie May's Special. God knows what you would call that, looks more like Alien. ha. 

My two girls helping me clear out the Vegetable Patch, these two are friendly. The other five are somewhere bathing, or having a dush bath. I've cleaned them out today so they smell nice and fresh in the coop. I love my girls. Definitely lots of worms in the patch. They always think they are helping but actually they get in the way sometimes. 

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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