Pumpkin Soup Recipe

There's so much to love about fall. It's cooler weather, the colourful leaves on the trees, and a comfortable sweatshirt and jeans. 

One of my favourite thing about fall is that we can finally have soup again! Not that I don't try and sneak it in during the summer, but it's usually too hot to really enjoy a good soup. As I was looking though some old recipes, I found one that I was a little unsure of: pumpkin. Now, I love any kind of baked goods that goes along with pumpkin - pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin sheet cake. Surprisingly, pumpkin pie is not my favourite, mostly because of the texture. But I figured that since so many people rave about pumpkin soup, I needed to give it a try as well.
I am so glad I did! It was amazing and I will definitely make it again. I was pleasantly surprised at the rich flavour and the smooth texture. If you want a purely authentic pumpkin soup, you can use up some of the pumpkins so popular at this time of the year. If you don't have that much time, a coupe of cans of pumpkin puree work well.

10 Reasons to Visit your Farmers Market

I always support my local farmers market and road side stands. I have alway been grateful for farmers markets. They have given me fresh produce when I didnt have the time and space to plant my own garden. During my youth, the farmers market was a source of income (and entertainment) for my family.

Those of us that grew up going to the farmers market with their parents to sell produce know this a serious source of income for many farm families. We were fortunate in that our customers were friendly and loyal! They seemed to appreciate the fruits (or veggie) of our labor. Hard working families like mine, who are living off the land.

Greg Peterson, from the Peterson Farm Brothers, said it best "The absolute overwhelming majority of farmers in this world are real, wholesome, good-natured farm families who are "just trying to feed enough." The farmers market is a great place to meet these families.

We asked and you answered.
Why visit your local farmers market this weekend?

It feels good to support local agriculture and growers!

It is always better quality as it is always fresh.

The food is grown in UK!
They do the work for you!
I bring home homemade jam. Yum!
It's great to have such a wonderful variety of vegetables, fruits, plants and baked items.
I love the spirit and enthusiasm of the growers. They recognize us as repeat customers and it's great to get genuine customer service.
The atmosphere is unique and fun.
I like to take my kids. I want them to know their food is grown by farmers and not made in the back of the grocery store.
Because it's too darn hot for my tomatoes and I need to satisfy a craving!

Review: Bio-cellulose Face Masks from When®

As these past few weeks have been incredibly busy with work and moving house etc, I haven't had time to sit down, take a breather and have a bit of "me time". My favourite "Me time" is face masks! 
Today, I'm featuring these awesome sheet marks from When Beauty.

When Beauty is a Korean beauty brand targeted for the modern individual, pressed for time. They have a unique range of mask for distinct situations and are becoming really popular in the UK with the rage of Asian beauty starting to trend.

Review: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I have purchased a lot of moisturisers in my time, but I have to admit this Express Hydration Primer is literally the best. This moisturiser comes tailor for two different skin types - Normal & Combination skin and Dry & Sensitive skin. The skin on my face is fairly dry and easily irritated, especially now spring is here. When I first heard about Nivea's Express Hydration Primer I was very excited and highly hopeful, especially as there was one suitable for Dry & sensitive skin. So I ordered some from Superdrug online and it was actually on offer at £2.45, from £4.99 so hurry up as the offer is ending very soon.  

The primer is packaged in a daily large box which is somewhat deceptive as the pot itself is a lot smaller and contains 50ml of product. The pot is made of glass and very sturdy so a lot of care has been put into nice presentation.

Review: Yes! Nurse "Say Hello to your hand's new Best Friend"

I've been trying to be good to my hands lately, they show your true age you know!
Being a Farm girl, your hands always aren't always soft as you want them to be.. mine are especially are terrible. Trying to find a good hand cream that doesn't string when you apply is hard to find. Yes! Nurse, It has a very light clean and fresh to it where I detect the tiniest hint of honey coming through and definitely doesn't sting on my cuts at all. 

So I've been applying Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment cream nightly just before I go to bed. I received Yes! Nurse on Monday 11th April that was only a few days ago and I'm pretty impressed with it already I know you should wait for a few weeks before reviewing any product but I've seen a big change in my hands, they literally feel brand new. I am super bad for picking the skin around my nails, it happened when it get stressed about something but Yes! Nurse is helping very much. 
This was developed by a former nurse who wanted to develop something to help nurses look after their hands. As nurses, they would be washing their hands a lot in the hospital and that results in dry hands so the Yes! Nurse hand cream claims to not only address this dryness but to protect. It is the after quality that I think makes this hand cream especially if you wash your hands a lot.

Well, this happened!

I don't know if you read my Twitter yesterday, I had a disaster like seriously. So the short story is I went to work in the morning for a few hours, busy on the farm. Just kidding it's actually quite quiet on the farm this time of year but I found something to do as always, even though it was involved flirting with a few dishy farmers. haha. Apparently I am known as "The young lady that chases dishy farmers" God knows where that came from. 

Getting back to what I am suppose to be talking about, what happened? I always do that and get distracted talking about farmers. It's just I love farmers so much, they do a lot for us and we should be more grateful and they are the 'Best Breed in Men'. 
Anyway, I came home late afternoon and I literally thought somebody has burgled my bedroom but don't worry nobody actually did. I didn't realise at first but my shelf gave way and collapsed, thank goodness there wasn't any breakables, it was just books, but not any books... Farmers Weekly Magazine's. I guess the shelf couldn't take the weight anymore. Oh good lord, the floor was just flooded in farmers weeklys. 
It was quite funny because my mama was telling me a few days ago that I need to get rid of the ones I don't want, but I can't choose which ones I want to keep. 
I know I have a little obsession with Farmers Weekly's but they have useful information and I like reading. 

 Farmers Weekly

I have absolutely have no idea what I can do with them, I really don't to throw them away or burn even. That's what everybody keeps telling me. There is about £3,000 worth of Farmers Weekly in the house. A lot of money, it's crazy! 

Does anyone know what I can do with my collection?