Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Best Thing About Dating a Farmer

Ever wonder why country girls faint every time they see Luke Bryan? No it is not because of those tight jeans. (OK, maybe a little). It is what he stands for - hard work on the farm. The best type of man comes from the farm. Granted, I may be a little biased considering i was raised by one and now I am dating one, but I am here to give you the top 9 reasons why a farmer is the best man to date/marry. Girls - either raise your standards or lower your expectations. 

1. Date Nights are never boring

Whether it is in the middle of harvest season or during a slow time these always try and put their girls first. Granted, most of the time that thats we bring supper out to them during the late nights and help in any way possible. But that is what makes it so much fun. Being with them on the tractor will score major brownie points. Growing up on a farm, I try to help whatever I am home. 

2. Good Morals 

I am just going to lump all the amazing morals that farmers have in one category. Family is at the top of their list. I would say they rank their priorities: God first, other second and themselves last. They will go out of their way to make sure their family, is taken care of. The same goes for his family, once they accept you they will go out their way to make sure you feel comfortable and loved just like you are one of the family - that even means you are open for the cousins to pick on you. Farmers are known to be loyal and protective. No one will mess with you. A farmer can be like a teddy bear until people they love get messed with. My favourite characteristic about a farmer is the patience they show. They know they have to wait on the rain, for the slow tractors in front, or for their lady to get ready. 

3. Cleans up good

It is normal to meet my guy on the farm when he is still greasy and dirty, but I will say this: he cleans up every nice! Farmers take the time to look sharp when they need to. He will never dress to over power the good looking lady on his arm, but will never let her feel embarrassed either.

4. Rain is a GOOD thing

Luke bryan could not have sang it better. But, I appreactire rain for a different reason. When it rains enough to shut the farmers down, I look at the with a positive mind set. That's when I get to see my hard worker. My favourite time when it rains is on the weekend because sometimes I can convince to drive to come see me.

5. Go with the Flow

This matches with number four, rain is a good thing. I have really learned the meaning "we will see". Trying to go to a wedding together when it is harvest? We will see. Trying to make plans for a month now? We will see. It all depends on the weather, how much they have gotten done and if it fits into the schedule. But there is also an upside to this problem. Don't want to attend a specific event? Don't blame it on the weather. "I'm so sorry we are trying to get everything done before the rain comes, can't make it." Being a farmer also means able to role with the punches. You can't change many aspects of farming so you have to work as hard as you can to control the things you can.

6. Very good at thinking long term

Growing up, I always wanted a horse. My dad said no and I never really understood why. Now that I am older I can understand now they hard work. I enjoy the four wheeler that you don't have to be fed every morning. In real life, farmers have to plan for the future, They have to figure out whether it would be beneficial to plant wheat this year, what variety they should plant and in what field and they have to plan for the next year. 

7. Free shirts and hats

Farmers love free things. Free lunches, free hates and free jackets. It's the bonus when you buy £50,000 worth tractor. Never again do they have to buy clothes for themselves, they just what what ever is free at the next convention.

8. Help each other out

Personally, I believe this is what makes farmers so unique. In every other business everyone is trying to one up their neighbour. While there is still competition in agriculture, it could be set aside for  neighbour in need. While the neighbour caught the combine on fire, had a serious illness or just needs help finishing up or the year, help is only a few feet away. 

9. Two words: Back roads

Last but certainly not least - Back roads. Minds out of the gutter girls! A farmer knows all the back roads around his fields, Something closed? No problem! He can get you around that. Oh you are lost? He can tell you how to get you back on track. Directions are no problem for a farmer. Thank the Lord, because I know I am not the only girl bad at directions. Back roads are also great for going to check how the crop is coming up or for all my ranchers out there, how the baby calves are coming along. 

This is never a dull moment in the life of a farmer. Add a loyal girl to his side and you got one happy man. Dating a farmer may not be easy, but neither is dating in general. Even though the girl may have to wait around until it rains or until the grain elevator closes down, we know it will be worth the wait because at the end of the day, the man just wants to show his girl how much he loves her. If you still don't understand how special a farmer is, check out this video "So god made a farmer". This gives me chills every time I watch it. 

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