Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Top 3 Farm Workers Wellies

If you're out there come rain, hail, snow, ice, wind or even the odd day in the sun, walking your canine comparison or out on the farm then you need a really good pair of wellies on your feet that will keep you warm and dry whatever the conditions. How do you choose the right pair for you? That's where I come to help, well I will try. 


Getting the fit right is vital to comfortable pair of wellies. There is a vast different between one style or brand and the next but as a general guide you will find that wellies from brands such Hunter, Aigle and Le Chameau are built on orthopaedic lasts so that you can confident of a good fit. With brands like this I would always recommend that you select your normal shoe size, as they have been made to fit correctly and are sightly larger than a shoe to allow for a thicker sock. 

If you're a lady with slimmer legs then you should definitely consider one of the ladies specific styles on the market. As a general guide you'll find that unisex wellies measures approximately 41cm around the calf, and the ladies specific such such as Le Chameau Vierzonard Lady, measure 38cm. Not only does this look more feminine and not more neatly around the top of your legs. You'll find that the ankle and foot entry point are also differently and will hug your ankles better which helps to prevent the slipping of your heel. If you are going to do a walking and don't want get blisters to spoil your enjoyment. 


Once you’ve got the fit right there are a number of extra factors to consider in how comfortable a pair of boots will be. Temperature is a major consideration. At this time of year it’s warm and hopefully sunny, and if you’re walking your feet probably don’t get cold, so a standard pair of wellies with cotton or nylon lining should be adequate. The seasoned dog-walker may have more than one pair of boots for different conditions, but if you are only buying one pair to last you year-round then you might want to consider what will be the best during the cold winter months. If you suffer from cold feet then a pair of neoprene lined wellies are surely the best option. Neoprene is essentially wetsuit material and is designed to offer insulation in extreme temperatures. If you’ve had a pair of neoprene lined wellies before then you’re sure to be a convert! They do push the prices up from a standard pair of cotton or nylon lined wellies, but they are worth the extra spend for the warmth and comfort they offer to the wearer. 

If you walk for hours a day with your dog or out on the farm then take a look at the Aigle Parcours range. With their tri-density rubber soles and damping cushions in the heels that act as return springs, resituating part of the energy used in taking a step, Aigle have created the first ‘anti-fatigue’ wellington boots in the world, allowing you to walk further without getting tired. 


Another thing you may wish to consider is the sole material. Most standard wellies simply have a rubber sole which is moulded with cleats or grooves for grip. These are great in muddy conditions, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on hard-standing such as roads, rocky paths, etc. then you may find that the soles start to wear down more quickly with standard rubber wellies. There are a number of styles on the market designed to withstand wear such as this, such as those which feature a Vibram sole. This walking boot technology not only ensures that the soles are much more hardwearing than a standard boot, it also offers far superior grip on wet, slippery rocks.


So all things considered, what do I actually recommend for the farm worker? Obviously it depends on your budget and the factors above, but our overall favourites at the moment have to be:
1.  UNDER £100:  
Le Chameau Country Vibram
A great entry-point welly to the Le Chameau range at £95 a pair, featuring a cotton lining and Vibram walking boot sole. Hard-wearing, good-looking, quality wellington boots that should last you for years.

2.  OVER £100:  
Le Chameau Vierzonord
There’s a reason this is our best-selling boot. At £164.99 it’s an investment, but will pay dividends when you’re out in the fields and woods for hours at a time. It comes in a choice of calf widths so that you can be sure of the very best fit, is fully lined with neoprene for exceptional warmth in cold conditions, and is hand-made in France with a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. If your budget can stretch to these we cannot recommend them highly enough.

3.  UNDER £40:  
Evercreatures wellies
Good quality rubber wellies for women that come in a vast choice of designs with a standard cotton lining.

What's your favourite brand of wellies? Do you have a favourite?
I'm a really big fan of Le Chameau, that's all I wear to be honest. 

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