Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dare to go Nude!!

Nude lipsticks have become my all time favourite for 2016, I am literally obsessed. I am liking MAC very much, in the shade of Patisserie but I find it's a lot of money to spend on lipstick when you are just working on a farm but it does last throughout the day which is always a good thing especially when you are surrounded by "dishy" farmers 24/7, well I definitely am. 

It seems easy enough find a lip colour labeled "nude" and you're good to go... right?!? A nude lip is something that everybody can pull off but it has to be the perfect shade the complements your skin tone and gives you that sultry, bare pout (without the too pale or washed out effect) Much like a red, there are so many different shades and there is sure to be one you your skin tone. 

If you're still on the hunt for your perfect nude lippie and need a few ideas, here are some of the best nude lipstick shares, drugstore and high end from pinky browns to peachy nudes that light up your face... instantly!

High End


Have you already found your perfect nude lipstick? Lucky you! 
Be sure to spill in the comment box below what it is!

Monday, 14 March 2016

What's the Big Deal About Breakfast?

You wouldn’t try to drive your car without any gas, so, why would you make your body function without its fuel? Many people don’t realize the importance of breakfast; it really is the most important meal of your day!
After sleeping, your body is drained of its fuel sources because it has fasted all night. Inorder to “wake” your body up, it must first be refueled. Breakfast gives your body the kick start it needs to function successfully all day long. By breaking up the word breakfast, you can find why it is such a critical meal; you need to break the fast. By not eating this meal, you are making yourself more tired and irritable.
The benefits of breakfast are just too good to pass up! It helps you perform and concentrate better throughout the day; you could boost your grades just by eating breakfast! Experts have also found that you will actually eat less during the day when you start your day this way, helping you to better maintain your weight. In addition, eating breakfast can speed up your metabolism, while skipping it encourages it to slow down. Why not help yourself by eating breakfast regularly?
As a busy farmer, there may seem like there is no time for breakfast in the morning; however, breakfast can be as simple as grabbing a banana and eating it on your way to work. So, everyone should have time for breakfast! For those of you who don’t like breakfast foods, it’s okay to eat foods that aren’t traditionally eaten in the morning. Breakfast can be as quick and simple as you make it! Here are some tips for quick or non-traditional breakfast foods:
  • Fruit: available at all the dining halls
  • Breakfast bars
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches: make your own 
  • Cereal in ready-to-eat bowls: 
  • Bagel with jelly, peanut butter, or low-fat cream cheese: 
  • Trail mix (nuts, dark chocolate pieces, dried fruit, and anything else you like!)
  • Leftover foods like pizza or salad
Breakfast time is family time.

We’re all extra busy on harvest days, and if you have a family, even an adopted one consisting of friends or local farmers, it can be hard to carve out quality time to spend together. Lincolnshire has so many wonderful restaurants that lunch and dinner are the go-to social meals. However, if you’re at work during the day and those options might be out.
Sitting around the breakfast table in the morning is a great way to spend time with family or work buddies, nurturing important relationships. Not to mention it’s a great opportunity to set an example for your kids, since healthy habits start early. Call the breakfast courier to get breakfast delivered to your door and enjoy some quality time with those most important in your life!
Recently, I have been having toasted bagels, garlic and herb soft cheese for breakfast. Keeps me feeling full for a few hours, well until lunch time. I was reading in a magazine, bagels make you fat. Is this true? Please comment below if you have heard about this? 
Also something else that keeps me alive throughout the morning, is my new favourite coffee... "Douwe Egberts Smooth Caramel" Anybody else tried this coffee? I am literally in love. 
Teaspoon of coffee, three sugars and milk... Heaven! 

I can't believe it's Monday Morning already, I am brewing a coffee and toasting a bagel as I am writing this blog for y'all. Definitely couldn't get myself out of bed this morning it was just so snuggly, even though I was on my own. No Farmer to wake me up... with a cup of tea. I had to make myself way downstairs and click the switch. 
I hope y'all had a Great Weekend and Have a fabulous day!! 

Monday, 7 March 2016

5 Tips to Help you Stay a Beautiful Farm Girl...

I LOVE being outdoors. 
Fresh air gives me pink cheeks. 
The sun gives me vitamin D.
 I can breath deeper.
 My mind feels clear and my body is strong. 
Let's face it, being outdoors rock. There's always a but, being outdoors can take it's toll on your skin, hair and the nails if you don't luck after them. I'm not a massive fan of following beauty trends but I've found beauty tips that have helped me to be a better outdoor girl. Let's face it when you feel good about yourself, you're confident and your perfomance is more likely to be on top form. 
Here is 5 beauty tips...

1. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I love this stuff, truly amazing. It's the only oil to contain the same properties as human breast milk. You can eat, cleanse and wash with it. You can pay anything from £10 - £100. The best one I ever bought was from Holland & Barrett for a £10 and it lasts me around 4-6months.
I however use it as a good night time moisturiser. If its been a hot or cold day, skin can feel dry and chapped and coconut oil makes it come alive.

2. Cut your nails

I never really have long nails, every time I used to let them grow they used to irritate me and more mud could get under your fingernails. 
There's no point painting them because they'll just get messy quickly. Be done with them and keep them short. 

3. Tangle Teezer

When you've got long hair, knots are not funny! I'm prone to them anyway, but wearing a cap most of the time at work with a messy bun doesn't help when your standing on top of the wolds it's sure damn windy. 
It claims to be anti static but I've noticed it still generate some static whilst you're brushing.
It's in the backpack

4. Always keep a hair bobble handy

I'd often have a fantasy about trekking through the wilderness whilst my locks blew in the wind behind me. I'd stop to take a deep breath, look into the distance and then do a quick hair flick with a sultry pout. The reality is, a mouth and eyeful of hair because its not like in the movies. Hair does not and will not stay in one place. It gets messy deal with it. I would definitely be lost without my bobbles, I don't understand why they snap all the time. 

5. Smile
Why wouldn't you? Smiling is the biggest beauty tip that I can give anyone. It produces chemicals in your brain and body that you need which increases your metal and physical well being. Smiling make us happy and reinforces why life is beautiful. 

What's your best outdoor beauty tips?!? 

Let me know in the comment box below...

Friday, 4 March 2016

Top 15 Springtime Dates

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” - Robin Williams

Indeed it is. In case you missed the memo or didn’t realize you lost an hour of sleep a couple weeks, spring is nearly here.  

1. Be His Honey Bee - If you both love the outdoors (and neither of you are allergic to bees), drive out to the country for a day at a Elsham Hall. I don't really know any Bee Farm around here but if you do, comment below. I would love to know where one is. I went to one in America and it was very interesting. Touring a bee farm is different from typical farm tours and you can learn all about the science behind beekeeping. After the tour, you can shop the farm store for sweet, syrupy honey (farmed straight from the honeycombs you just toured) to cook with later. Mmmm.

2. Watch a movie - Not many places actually do drive-in theatres but I found out a couple of years ago, Tattersall castle have a couple of nights in the summer. Thank goodness, this style of movie watching didn’t die with Grease. Park your car, lean your seat back and enjoy a movie with your sweetheart (popcorn fight and all).

3. Exercise - If you’ve been cooped up inside all winter, enjoy some fresh spring air by planning a bike ride (if you live near a beach, try renting a bike for two) or going hiking together at a local park (pack up a picnic in a backpack and enjoy the fruits of your labor at the top). Spring is also a great time for bird watching with many flocks.

4. Have a breakfast picnic - So romantic! I’d never even thought about this but it makes so much sense. Hardly anyone is out early at the local parks and you’ll enjoy the lovely light of morning as you sip your steamy lattes, munch on some fruit, take a stroll or just sit around and smooch. 

5. Got a pickup truck? - Make some good use out of it! Load it up with tons of hay (if you have some available), sleeping bags, some snacks and a bottle of wine or beers. Lay down the tailgate and just enjoy looking up at the stars and talking. And if there is a spring concert series nearby, why not pull your truck right up to that?

6. Enjoy nature’s real confetti - Sit beneath a full bloom trees and enjoy simply being. If you find an are cherry blossom trees, you are in look. Yes, we have plenty of those. Our's are starting to blossom, in early March. 

7. Visit to the Gardens - Spring is the perfect time to stop by your local botanical gardens or any gardens or parks that are open to the public to observe and appreciate the flowers and plants that are coming back to life after the winter. Be sure to actually smell the roses together and hold hands while you walk or stroll. Take in the scene and take pictures to boot. After all, nature makes for a beautiful backdrop.

8. Build a Campfire in Your Backyard - When are a farmer, you can have a campfire wherever we have plenty at work nearly every day. Don’t worry, the grass will grow back!  But even more likely, you won’t want it to. Once you’re done, grab a couple chocolate bars, some graham crackers and marshmallows and celebrate all your hard work with freshly made S’mores.  

9. Pick a book of the season - How often do you and your spouse read a book together? Do you like fiction?  Does he like nonfiction? Does he like sci-fi while you like romance? What about finding a book you both will love? Our household every Friday (If you are a farmer you will know, Farmers Weekly new issue comes out) I'm always one that goes, grabs and a few snacks from the store. Sit in the lounge and enjoy. Makes a good bedtime read too. But we all fight over it, reading it first. 

10. Get Dirty - Cleaning your house doesn’t exactly sound sexy, but hear us out. In the middle of scrubbing down walls, dusting cobwebs out of corners, and moving furniture, there’s a lot of silence in which to bring up unspoken issues between you two. You can also share intimate details about each other you might not have otherwise organically brought up and goals for the relationship. Doesn’t every relationship need some spring cleaning of its own too? Think of the ways you can reward each other for an afternoon’s hard work: “If we can clean up now, we can get a little dirty later.” 

11. Kick back in your own homemade hammock - This is mainly for the summer time but seriously, what’s more relaxing than laying next to your favorite person in the world as the net beneath you keeps you closer than close? Do you have a porch or trees close enough to hang a hammock? If so, spend a couple hours making one together, then grab some freshly brewed tea, or freshly squeezed lemonade. 

12. In with the new - Pick an activity that’s new to both of you, and spend the season working on it together. Take rock-climbing classes, train for a half-marathon together, or sign up for a dance class. You’ll bond over being beginners and push each other to get better. Plus, a recent study even showers that adding an element of surprise into a relationship can trigger the same emotional state you were both in when you first met, getting back all those lovey-dovey feelings.

13. Easter egg hunt comes early – or late. Set up the picnic ahead of time and have eggs hidden all over the backyard (park or any other place with plenty of trees). But these aren’t just any kind of eggs, they’re love note eggs. As your boyfriend/husband finds they hidden eggs, they will open them to a sweet surprise: Your love, appreciate and acknowledgment that he’s the best.   

14. Let Your Hearts Be All A-Flutter - He gives you butterflies in your stomach and you’d like to show just how he makes you feel without being too cheesy so why not visit a butterfly conservatory? These sanctuaries are indoor living environments specially designed for butterflies to flourish. Just imagine strolling hand-in-hand along meandering paths in the greenhouse, admiring the beds of lush greenery and blossoms, with hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering freely in the air around you. It’s the perfect picture of springtime romance.

15. Serenity by the water - No matter where you live, there’s a body of water somewhere: ocean, marina, lake, stream find it. Enjoy it. Create your very own still point in a turning world. Lake with fish nearby? Grab some fishing wire and a hook (or if you have no idea what you’re doing, like me, just buy a fishing pole). Some of the best fish come out at spring so just drop a line, he’ll skin, you cook and you’ve just wrapped up a perfect spring day.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite springtime date ideas? 
(Add them in the comments below and let’s make sure we keep love in the air all spring long.)

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Well, this happened!

Hello Friends.

I don't know if you read my Twitter yesterday, I had a disaster like seriously. So the short story is I went to work in the morning for a few hours, busy on the farm. Just kidding it's actually quite quiet on the farm this time of year but I found something to do as always, even though it was involved flirting with a few dishy farmers. haha. Apparently I am known as "The young lady that chases dishy farmers" God knows where that came from. 

Getting back to what I am suppose to be talking about, what happened? I always do that and get distracted talking about farmers. It's just I love farmers so much, they do a lot for us and we should be more grateful and they are the 'Best Breed in Men'. 
Anyway, I came home late afternoon and I literally thought somebody has burgled my bedroom but don't worry nobody actually did. I didn't realise at first but my shelf gave way and collapsed, thank goodness there wasn't any breakables, it was just books, but not any books... Farmers Weekly Magazine's. I guess the shelf couldn't take the weight anymore. Oh good lord, the floor was just flooded in farmers weeklys. 
It was quite funny because my mama was telling me a few days ago that I need to get rid of the ones I don't want, but I can't choose which ones I want to keep. 
I know I have a little obsession with Farmers Weekly's but they have useful information and I like reading. 

 Farmers Weekly

I have absolutely have no idea what I can do with them, I really don't to throw them away or burn even. That's what everybody keeps telling me. There is about £3,000 worth of Farmers Weekly in the house. A lot of money, it's crazy! 

Does anyone know what I can do with my collection?
Comment below or tweet me!!