Monday, 7 March 2016

5 Tips to Help you Stay a Beautiful Farm Girl...

I LOVE being outdoors. 
Fresh air gives me pink cheeks. 
The sun gives me vitamin D.
 I can breath deeper.
 My mind feels clear and my body is strong. 
Let's face it, being outdoors rock. There's always a but, being outdoors can take it's toll on your skin, hair and the nails if you don't luck after them. I'm not a massive fan of following beauty trends but I've found beauty tips that have helped me to be a better outdoor girl. Let's face it when you feel good about yourself, you're confident and your perfomance is more likely to be on top form. 
Here is 5 beauty tips...

1. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I love this stuff, truly amazing. It's the only oil to contain the same properties as human breast milk. You can eat, cleanse and wash with it. You can pay anything from £10 - £100. The best one I ever bought was from Holland & Barrett for a £10 and it lasts me around 4-6months.
I however use it as a good night time moisturiser. If its been a hot or cold day, skin can feel dry and chapped and coconut oil makes it come alive.

2. Cut your nails

I never really have long nails, every time I used to let them grow they used to irritate me and more mud could get under your fingernails. 
There's no point painting them because they'll just get messy quickly. Be done with them and keep them short. 

3. Tangle Teezer

When you've got long hair, knots are not funny! I'm prone to them anyway, but wearing a cap most of the time at work with a messy bun doesn't help when your standing on top of the wolds it's sure damn windy. 
It claims to be anti static but I've noticed it still generate some static whilst you're brushing.
It's in the backpack

4. Always keep a hair bobble handy

I'd often have a fantasy about trekking through the wilderness whilst my locks blew in the wind behind me. I'd stop to take a deep breath, look into the distance and then do a quick hair flick with a sultry pout. The reality is, a mouth and eyeful of hair because its not like in the movies. Hair does not and will not stay in one place. It gets messy deal with it. I would definitely be lost without my bobbles, I don't understand why they snap all the time. 

5. Smile
Why wouldn't you? Smiling is the biggest beauty tip that I can give anyone. It produces chemicals in your brain and body that you need which increases your metal and physical well being. Smiling make us happy and reinforces why life is beautiful. 

What's your best outdoor beauty tips?!? 

Let me know in the comment box below...

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