Well, this happened!

I don't know if you read my Twitter yesterday, I had a disaster like seriously. So the short story is I went to work in the morning for a few hours, busy on the farm. Just kidding it's actually quite quiet on the farm this time of year but I found something to do as always, even though it was involved flirting with a few dishy farmers. haha. Apparently I am known as "The young lady that chases dishy farmers" God knows where that came from. 

Getting back to what I am suppose to be talking about, what happened? I always do that and get distracted talking about farmers. It's just I love farmers so much, they do a lot for us and we should be more grateful and they are the 'Best Breed in Men'. 
Anyway, I came home late afternoon and I literally thought somebody has burgled my bedroom but don't worry nobody actually did. I didn't realise at first but my shelf gave way and collapsed, thank goodness there wasn't any breakables, it was just books, but not any books... Farmers Weekly Magazine's. I guess the shelf couldn't take the weight anymore. Oh good lord, the floor was just flooded in farmers weeklys. 
It was quite funny because my mama was telling me a few days ago that I need to get rid of the ones I don't want, but I can't choose which ones I want to keep. 
I know I have a little obsession with Farmers Weekly's but they have useful information and I like reading. 

 Farmers Weekly

I have absolutely have no idea what I can do with them, I really don't to throw them away or burn even. That's what everybody keeps telling me. There is about £3,000 worth of Farmers Weekly in the house. A lot of money, it's crazy! 

Does anyone know what I can do with my collection?

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