Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Not Just Nail Polish

Nail polish comes in handy when you want to clean up your hands or even look a little fancy, but being a farm girl it's very hard to keep nail polish on your nails, mine only lasts about half an hour, and it's chipped off. I actually feel like a girl when I wear it but did you know that there are a ton of other uses for nail polish?!? Here are some surprising ways to use nail polish in your everyday life:

1. If you find a small tear in your window screens, they can be fixed with a small amount of clear nail polish. It's the same idea behind using clear nail polish on a run in your pantyhose. 

2. If you have a loose button, apply a small amount of clear nail polish of the fraying thread to keep the button from coming off. 

3. Licking that glue on the back of an envelope can be just gross, especially in large quantities. If you want to save your mouth, you can seal the envelopes with a but of clear nail polish.

3. Making labels is easy with Sharpie, a popsicle stick and some clear nail polish. Simply write on the stick what you are labelling in your garden. Prevent ink from running on your stick with a coat or two of clear polish.

4. If you are a craft person, you know using a needle and thread can be challenge. If you want to thread a needle and you can't seem to get it, an easy fix is dipping the end of your thread in a small amount of nail polish. It will make this process so much easier!!

5. Too many keys or phone chargers in the house? How can you tell them apart? using colour nail polish, you can easily distinguish between your similar things

These tips come very hardy in this household very much. 

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