Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Taming the Frizzy Hair!!

We're tackling one of summer's biggest hair woes, frizz! No one wants to have super frizzy hair. It's something that some of us are more prone to than others, and I'm in the frizzy hair camp. When my hair is frizzy there are a few things I do to de-frizz. The most important for me is hydrating my hair. My hair is always dry when it starts to frizz, regardless of how much humidity is out there. So, if you're fighting the frizz be sure to use an intensive hydrating treatments.

When my hair is dry and damaged, I definitely see an increase in frizz! I swap out my regular conditioner for a more intensive treatment, or if I really need to I'll even grab an overnight treatment. When I'm having issues with frizzy, a hydrating issue is the first product I reach for!

A few of my favourite super intensive treatments: 


Keep it dry

Instead of drying your hair with a regular towel, reach for microfibrer (like this DevaTowel) or even just an old t-shirt. Don't rub, instead just squeeze and blot your hair. You'll rough up the cuticle of your hair less, so you'll have shiner hair with less hair.

Styling Products to Prevent Frizz
Finally, we get to the part that you really want to know What products you add in to your styling routine to fight frizz? There are a lot of great products out there, I'm including some of my fave here. I'm purposefully trying to hit every point, but L'Oreal works really, really, really well and I do like it ( and it's price tag) a lot. 

What are your tips on caring for your hair? Any special tips of tricks? I would love to hear you suggestions as working on the farm, my hair goes through a lot and I can't control my frizz. My hair is literally like Monia's in the summer!!! 

Happy Tuesday!

With love

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