Review: Yes! Nurse "Say Hello to your hand's new Best Friend"

I've been trying to be good to my hands lately, they show your true age you know!
Being a Farm girl, your hands always aren't always soft as you want them to be.. mine are especially are terrible. Trying to find a good hand cream that doesn't string when you apply is hard to find. Yes! Nurse, It has a very light clean and fresh to it where I detect the tiniest hint of honey coming through and definitely doesn't sting on my cuts at all. 

So I've been applying Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment cream nightly just before I go to bed. I received Yes! Nurse on Monday 11th April that was only a few days ago and I'm pretty impressed with it already I know you should wait for a few weeks before reviewing any product but I've seen a big change in my hands, they literally feel brand new. I am super bad for picking the skin around my nails, it happened when it get stressed about something but Yes! Nurse is helping very much. 
This was developed by a former nurse who wanted to develop something to help nurses look after their hands. As nurses, they would be washing their hands a lot in the hospital and that results in dry hands so the Yes! Nurse hand cream claims to not only address this dryness but to protect. It is the after quality that I think makes this hand cream especially if you wash your hands a lot.

The packing is super cute. It comes in a cardboard box, with a cute picture on the inside dedicated to the nurses for whom this hand cream was made. The rube itself is similar sleek, slim and well designed with a flip top cap. It is a 50ml tube but it is so slim. The flip top cap makes dispensing product so much easier, and the slim tube slips into handbags easy. 
(I keep my in my handbag, so my hands are hydrated at all times) and every time I'm out at the bar with my girl-friends or even my farmer friends, I always get it out my bag and say 
"Hey guys. You should totally check out Yes!Nurse its seriously the best thing ever".
The dudes look at me in a weirdly way but they seriously need some advice sometimes especially with hand creams, there hands are nasty!

The texture of the cream feels a little thick but is isn't greasy and it absorbs very easily. This is extremely important for me because I cannot stand hand creams that are sticky or oily. As you have guessed by now, this is a hand cream that has been specially formulated for hard working hands that are in need some serious TLC. It has an intensive moisturising formula which contains Active Manuka Honey +15 & Omega 3, 6, 9 to help restore your hands to their former glory. It have a very light clean

My personal opinion is that I have never found a little product that could be so perfect, now summer is approaching and you like to keep your hands hydrated, it is magic in a pot!! The moisturiser comes out white in colour and a pea size amount is enough to use on the hands. It leaves your hands feeling so soft and smelling fresh. 
I am definitely in love the packaging and how clean it looks. It gives you all the information you need to know about the products as well as being recyclable. This moisturiser would be suitable for anyone but I feel it would especially benefit mothers to use on the little ones as they tend to put their hands anywhere and with it's protective and active ingredients it's perfect.

The Yes! Nurse is definitely one to look out for with it's magical qualities, you can't go wrong. 10/10.

I haven't actually seen Yes! Nurse in stores around Lincolnshire, but I'm sure its somewhere but you can purchase online from Yes! Nurse Online Store or Feel Unique!! 

Let me know if you purchase this product!

This product was sent free to me for my 100% honest review and opinion.

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