Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tip of the week | Tomatoes

Today's Tip of the Week is all about Tomatoes!!!

Homegrown tomatoes are better than tomatoes available at the grocery. It's a fact. Fresh tomatoes just taste better. So how do you grow your best tomatoes?

Follow these tips:

Sprinkle baking soda in the soil around your tomatoes plants. The baking sofa will absorb into the soil and lower the acidity level. This provides your tomatoes a sweet taste rather than a tart taste.
Water, Water, Water. Tomatoes need a lot of water but not frequently. The best way to water your tomatoes is once a week or every five days at the height of summer. 
Harvest your tomatoes when they are ripe and ready to eat. Don't wait until they are overly ripe. Overly ripe tomatoes can be mealy. Harvest them when they're full size and brightly coloured.

By following these simple tips you can delicious, homegrown tomatoes that your whole family will enjoy!!

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