10 Reasons to Visit your Farmers Market

I always support my local farmers market and road side stands. I have alway been grateful for farmers markets. They have given me fresh produce when I didnt have the time and space to plant my own garden. During my youth, the farmers market was a source of income (and entertainment) for my family.

Those of us that grew up going to the farmers market with their parents to sell produce know this a serious source of income for many farm families. We were fortunate in that our customers were friendly and loyal! They seemed to appreciate the fruits (or veggie) of our labor. Hard working families like mine, who are living off the land.

Greg Peterson, from the Peterson Farm Brothers, said it best "The absolute overwhelming majority of farmers in this world are real, wholesome, good-natured farm families who are "just trying to feed enough." The farmers market is a great place to meet these families.

We asked and you answered.
Why visit your local farmers market this weekend?

It feels good to support local agriculture and growers!

It is always better quality as it is always fresh.

The food is grown in UK!
They do the work for you!
I bring home homemade jam. Yum!
It's great to have such a wonderful variety of vegetables, fruits, plants and baked items.
I love the spirit and enthusiasm of the growers. They recognize us as repeat customers and it's great to get genuine customer service.
The atmosphere is unique and fun.
I like to take my kids. I want them to know their food is grown by farmers and not made in the back of the grocery store.
Because it's too darn hot for my tomatoes and I need to satisfy a craving!

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