Tuesday, 30 August 2016

FARM GIRL survival tips

We know being a farm girl is the best, but it can also be a challenge. Whether you are new to farming or a lifelong farmer it can be tough to juggle it all and be successful. There are times when you might feel like the only women farmer in the wolds but you aren't alone. 
Here are our best FARM GIRL survival tips!!

Find a seasonal farmer who can help you as a mentor. The farmers who know have tips, common farm sense and advice.

Accept that some years are better than others. Even if you do everything right, things will go wrong. Don't be too hard on yourself. Farmers have to be optimistic and resilient. 

Find a good group of friends as a support system and use them as a sounding board.

Be patient with yourself.

If you work off the farm as well, it may be tough to balance your career, relationship, parenting, etc with the farm. You have to be ok with that. Prioritise. 

Know your limits. Don't feel bad about asking questions, especially if something is new to you.

Whether it's a dealership, the feed store, the extension office or just asking your neighbour, it's good to have resources! 

Jump in head first. There's no better way to learn than to do it!

When all else fails, Google it!

Don't let you ego get in the way. You won't be good at everything from the start.

Fix your barn cat so you don't end up with barn cats.

Learn Crock Pot recipes and freezer recipes and use them!

Watch and listen closely 

Be a part of the community

Be ready for some hard work and long days!

Old equipment may not be the fanciest but it is significantly cheaper. Theres no shame in being smart with your investments.

Keep your faith, remember your dreams. Be thankful. 

Always, always, always close the gate.

Don't take constructive criticism personally.

Get a shared calendar. Understand that the farm almost comes first.

Get duct tape and bailing wire and never leave home without it. 

Don't feel bad when you realise how many four letter words are in your vocabulary.

If you have a tough day, let it go. If you have a great day, give yourself the credit you deserve. 

Take it a little at a time.

Learn something new every day. Teach someone something every day.

If it rains, enjoy the rare quiet.

Have a plan B and maybe C.

When estimating a project or a job, double the time and money you think it will take.

You will lose crops. You will lose animals. You will have bad days but being a farmer is the best.

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