Pumpkin Soup Recipe

There's so much to love about fall. It's cooler weather, the colourful leaves on the trees, and a comfortable sweatshirt and jeans. 

One of my favourite thing about fall is that we can finally have soup again! Not that I don't try and sneak it in during the summer, but it's usually too hot to really enjoy a good soup. As I was looking though some old recipes, I found one that I was a little unsure of: pumpkin. Now, I love any kind of baked goods that goes along with pumpkin - pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin sheet cake. Surprisingly, pumpkin pie is not my favourite, mostly because of the texture. But I figured that since so many people rave about pumpkin soup, I needed to give it a try as well.
I am so glad I did! It was amazing and I will definitely make it again. I was pleasantly surprised at the rich flavour and the smooth texture. If you want a purely authentic pumpkin soup, you can use up some of the pumpkins so popular at this time of the year. If you don't have that much time, a coupe of cans of pumpkin puree work well.