Sunday, 20 November 2016

Let's talk soap! Natural Black Mud Mask Soap Review

The Dead Sea has long been a source of health, beauty and possesses properties that may help with skin aliments like eczema, acne, psoriasis stimulate blood circulation and restore water to body cells.

The bar comes packaged in a cardboard box featuring an image of Dead Sea. Check the box carefully other than just grabbing one off the shelf as there are multiple products in the Dead Sea Miraculous Source line and the packaging is similar. The mineral soap has a navy coloured box, the Natural Black Mud soap has a black box and their sulphur soap has a dark grey box. I know they'll going with colours you'd associate with mud but I would prefer it if the manufactures wouldn't use shades so similar to each other.

So, my skin is oily, and dry occasionally I suffer with spots on my face like seriously someone told me when I was 17 they would disappear when reached my twenties, they were definitely was wrong cause I'm 24 and still get spots. So over the last few years I've been wanting something that was fragrance/and perfume free, something organic if possible and no harsh skin irritant ingredients.

You can use this soap on the face and body, and you can lather and apply then leave up to three minutes and wash off. 

I use this when I have a break out or if my skin feels particularly clogged and/ or dry. 
All I dos wet my face, wet the bar and then apply the mud to my face. After a couple of minutes I rinse the mud off and then pat my skin dry. I don't use this every day, just couple of days or when needed. The box doesn't mention anything about how often to use it and I know plenty of people who use this ever along side/instead of their regular facial soap. 
My skin always looks nice and glory after each use and feels really soft and hydrated. I find that using the soap when I have a break out tends to help clear it up a little quicker and helps me feel extra clean. 
The smell leaves a little to be desired but hey, it's mud! At least the smell doesn't linger.

A few people that I've discussed this with have said that they found it a little too prickly but I have to disagree. You only need apply a light layer of mud so the bar lasts for ages.

According the manufactures blurb the soap is made according to a traditional family recipe which includes Olive, Palm, Coconut Oil and vegetable oil. There are no detergents or animal fats- instead the soap has been filled with minerals uniquely found in the Dead Sea. The dead sea range is also lanolin and sodium laurel sulphate free. This soap aims to remove dead skin cells and impurities. 
Using the Dead Sea soaps may help with increasing blood circulation.

With continued use, my skin has appeared to feel softer, less dehydrate, fresher and radiant and generally improve the condition of my skin whilst removing dead skin cells and impurities with ease without the stripping effect you can find from other products.

Overall, I'm super super impressed with this product, I've been using the soap for about 5 months, and I've literally bought this in bulk so I don't run out. I am always recommended it to my friends who also struggle with bad break outs and they love it. I've literally tried every spot treatments even the expensive brands (I found they give me more spots). 

Malki Dead Sea range, you can find their products online at Dead Sea Bath Care and Boots their products start from £3.75 and think this will now be a staple skin/body product for me from now on.

Love, love, love it!

Have you tried dead sea, clay or mud products?

I am going to give this bar a 9/10. Fab price, fab results and only one point knocked off for the scent.

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