Monday, 7 November 2016

Why We Love Autumn on the Farm.

We all know being on the farm is the best, but fall on the farm might be our favourite season. Here are a few reasons we love Autumn on the farm.

Beautiful surroundings, orange leaves, the smell of fall in the air.

The ability to slow down a little bit.

Lower temperatures mean working without being so hot!

The smell of the tobacco barn!

Riding the tractor without sticking to the seat

Visiting with family and friends around the fire pit.

Hunting time.

The rich colours of the leaves, the pumpkins and the fields.

When the last load of grain leaves the field it feels like a successful season. 

No more bugs.

Dinner on the tailgate.

Just a few more minutes a day together.

Pecan and apple cider time.

The sound under your feet and the fresh air.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and it's the best on the farm.

Doing chores in a hoodie.

Spending a little time canning!

Farm sunsets are gorgeous in the fall. 

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