Thursday, 1 December 2016

Blogmas Day 1 | On The First Day of Blogmas...

It's December 1st, the Christmas songs are playing on Radio, the Coca-Cola advert is on TV and I'm just so excited for Christmas... Ever since I was young Christmas has always been my favourite holiday and I loved going all out to celebrate.

It's Christmas time... there's no need to be afraid... instead, lets start Blogmas!

If you are not sure what "Blogmas" is, it is a series that bloggers do during the month of December. Normally, it is posting Christmas related posts every single day up until the 25th. I have seen many different variations of Blogmas going on and you can tweak it to however you seem fit.

There is 24 days until Christmas and I decided that I wanted to count down the days by participating in Blogmas. I will be posting every single day from now until Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned over the next 24 days for my countdown to the BIG DAY.... Christmas, there will also be a giveaway on the 12th day so keep your eyes peeled!!

Don't forget to leave me your Blogmas links or any Christmas related posts in the comment!!! 

 (Reindeers at Baytree Garden Centre at Spalding)
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  1. You're getting me excited for Christmas!!