Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3 | Briggs Garden Centre at Christmas

There's a family tradition of ours to go to the local garden centre during the build up to Christmas and look at the Christmas decorations to buy. We never do a complete overhaul of the decorations, we simply add to our collection... meaning it now fills the majority of the attic. When my sister lived at home we had the best job of bringing them all down from the attic and putting them all back once Christmas is over. 

We're really lucky to live near some fabulous Garden Centres where they tend to go all out when it comes to selling decorations for Christmas. Unfortunately, our favourite one of all closed down a few years ago "Christmas World" at East Raverdale.

Last week, me and my mama had a trip out at Brigg Garden Centre which is just about 25minutes down the road so not too far! We had a wonderful time and also enjoyed looking round at all the Christmas decorations . I took a few photographs while I was there...

This Christmas head over to your local garden centres. Garden centres near me are full of decorations, lights and trees. Brigg garden centre has a lot of entrainment for the families, even have real reindeers. 

This place is so big and there's so many products to choose from. Everything is conveniently stored in colour schemes, making it easter to find just what you need.

My favourite was Mrs Rabbits Tea Party but it's not the look we're going for this year but it was just so cute how it was laid out. A few photos below.

Comment if you've been to any garden centres or Christmas shops this year, let me know what you got!!

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