Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5 | What to Buy Him for Christmas

1. Aftershave 
This is a great choice for guys since they love to smell good (can't beat a good smelling farmer). 

2. Gaming System/Video Games
Any gaming console will make a great gift. If you already have the console, games or headsets also make an awesome gift. Is he always running out of batteries? Buy him a play and charge kit or a TON of batteries.

3. Candy or Treats
I think this a good gift for anyone really, who doesn't get a sweet tooth? Any guy will love to recieve his favourite treats from you. You could even throw in a couple bottles of there favourite drink.

4. Movies/TV series
Movies and TV series can be very expensive at times, but they tend to go on sale during the holidays. Pick up some of your favourite movies or the first season of there favourite TV show.

5. Favourite Toy Tractors
Most guys collect there favourite tractors. There are so many different items out there that has the logo like overalls, pictures, kitchen applicants household items and much more. If you really want to surprise them, try surprising them. 

6. Portable Charger or Headphones 
If you get hime a portable charger no guy will ever have to worry about his phone dieing. Other phone accessories like headphones and phone cases are also perfect gifts. 

7. Wallet
Most guys keep there wallets well past there due date. One year I filled the wallet with some gift cards to his favourite restaurant and stores.

8. Sunglasses 
This is an item that guys tend to lose or break. With the multiple brands and styles out there, there has to be at least one pair that will suit them. 

9. Go Pro/ Drone
Try to find out what kind of toys or gadgets he is interested in.

10. Socks, underwear and undershirts are the most asked for and most needed items that guys will highly appreciate getting. If you are not sure what clothes to get him, offer to take him out shopping one day and you can help pick them out.

Are you done your Christmas shopping yet? Stay tuned for tomorrows post on what to get Women for Christmas.


  1. A wallet with gift cards is such a good idea, have never even thought of that one! He is a tech lover so I bought him a Chromecast Ultra as we just got a new tv & this one is more compatible than the one we already have & I just ordered an Amazon Echo Dot but will give him things like sweets etc in a stocking :) xx

    Denise The Life of Dee

  2. I saw the title of your blog and I thought I have to check it as I spend some time in Lincolnshire one summer :D

    Socks and underwear are always a good idea, I have impression men never buy it for themselves, haha. It can also be an affordable stocking filler :)

    This year I bought him game he wanted and few little bits and pieces. I literally cannot wait for Christmas!!!