Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7 | 9 Things I LOVE about Christmas!!!

1. Family 

 Family is the most important part of Christmas. Just because they are able to offer great company, support and occasionally it is just nice to have a good old chin-wag with someone close to you. Alongside family is gift giving. I love seeing their faces when they open gifts - just a nice feeling, ya know?

2. Food

Food, I love food. I love cold turkey in fresh warm bread rolls, pigs in blankets, homemade Yorkshire pudding, red cabbage, brown caramelised potatoes, sausage stuffing, honey coated parsnips, party finder food... Are you seeing a pattern here? I like all the terribly unhealthy foods at Christmas. 

3. Baking

Baking such as: cakes, biscuits, puddings, cupcakes, flapjack... My mama is the best baker in the world, her butterfly buns are to die for and her Chocolate Cake is incredible. 

4. Markets

Christmas markets, stalls and festive shops are not only incredibly instagramable but also the perfect way to get into the Christmassy spirit. I recently visited Christmas World at Brigg Garden Centre and it was actually magical! 

5. Candles

Now, candles are one of my favourite things to have. I have soon many now of all different scents. Yankee Christmas scented candles are the way forward, all year round, every single day, all day. 

6. Decorations 

Christmas decorations and in particular decorating the tree is something that I look forward to all year! Although, my mum is so fussy about our tree at home that we often don't get to decorate or even if we do she'll spend days altering it after. However, aside from the decorations I also love fairy lights.

7. Lights

Lights, Christmas outdoor lights, tree lights, Christmas lights in towns (just lights in general) are incredibly pretty and wintery. Fairy lights make me smile and if I had my way we would have Christmas light up inside our house all year round. 

8. Pantomime
In my family it is a tradition to go to local pantomime each year. It is also compulsory to sit near the front in order to get grandad pied... hehe. The pantomime is just so much festive fun as well as little but of harmless political banter. What more could you want? 

9. Shortbread
So, I admit, I have already mentioned baking BUT shortbread needs it own market of importance. In particular the shortbread from M&S. Every single year, I request an entire tine to myself (judge all you like, I couldn't care less) as it is just the nicest treat for me at Christmas. I love it, a lot!

What do you love about Christmas and the festive season?

Happy Holiday!

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