Thursday, 9 February 2017

Do you know the difference between dirt and soil?

Agriculture is more than dirt, ploughs and tractors. Agriculture is the largest industry in the world and employs the majority of the workers in the United Kingdom. Where I'm from the soil is what keeps families alive. Most people just think that fields are just "dirt", which isn't even the right term. Do you know the difference between dirt and soil? Soil is what farmers grow their crops in, dirt is what you sweep up off your kitchen floor. There are uses for soil in growing the crops that produce your food,. Soil provides the nutrients, hold the water that keep the crops alive, provide aeration for the crops, and provides that minerals that the crops need to grow. The soil in the fields is what makes the crops prosperous or not, so the next time you look at a field think about the potential that it might hold for the next year.

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