Thursday, 20 April 2017

Adventures in Backyard Chickens

6:30am... I technically could be asleep for another 25mins before I have to get dressed but at this point I am in my pyjamas with my hair tied in something that resembles a bun and I am pulling on my boots to walk to the yard. Now why in the world would I be walking to the yard in the morning when I could asleep?

The answer to that would be 6 2-legged little runts with wings that need to be fed and watered!

When you have your own flock of laying chickens in your backyard is an adventure. It's a great way to avoid buying eggs from the grocery store and depending on which breed you have, you could still have eggs for most of the year! I have my own little egg factory and sell the little gems by the dozen to have money to put back into feed for my laying ladies. They are also nice to have around as pets that actually pull some of their own weight by paying you back with eggs for the money you put into keeping them. Chickens also help cut back on food waste, they are great for getting rid of fruits and vegetables that may have over-roped for your taste buds... the chickens will LOVE them!
If you have ever considered your own backyard chickens, you should do it. I highly recommend getting a few chickens!

**Pam at Brigg Poultry sells Point of lay fully vaccinated chickens.
They are located of the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the market town of Alford, virtually opposite the five sailed working windmill** 

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