Monday, 10 April 2017

Fendt Vario 1050 is the world's most powerful standard... Finally, yes it does look a beast and yes, the new 'nature green'

Packing a massive 500hp under the hood and standing at 3.6m tall, the new range will the biggest and most powerful conventional tractors ever made.

Only a handful of North American articulated monsters and tracked machines from the likes of Deere and Challenger will be able to match it. Possible uses in the UK will be taking large drilling duties away from heavier tracked or articulated machines that are bit harder on the ground. Contractors with large outfits could also be interested.

It has been a few months since Fendt previewed its highly anticipated 1000 series Vario tractor series, but since then the firm has hold its card very close to its chest as to what is under the skin of the new beast. However, Fendt can now reveal what makes the 1000 vario tick and it is not just straight forward as a beefing up a 900 series.

What's it like to drive?

Once you've shinned up the ladder to get into the cab its was hard forgot you're in a big, powerful machine. The 1050's proportions are nearly identical to those of any other conventional tractor so when you stick it in the middle of a massive field with no other  points of reference it actually seems quite normal. Controls are pretty much the same as any other Fendt from the 300 series upwards so anyone who is familiar with the German makers way of doing things will be able to hop on and drive it. It's also surprisingly manoeuvrable and has a considerably tighter turning circle than we expected. 

This is particularly impressive given the lack of clearance between the front wheels and the ridiculously wide bonnet. Power is clearly plentiful but the fact that we were pulling the 6.6m Simba rig through previously worked ground meant we didn't get to see it operating anywhere near its limit. However in this loose ground we noticed that wheel slip was at times getting close to 25% so we would still question exactly how well it can transfer it's 500hp to terra firms when the going gets really tough. 

Those that like the bark and raw grunt of an old school power shift might also be a shade disappointment with the 1050's sedate approach to putting down the power. 
The 12.4 litre block is tuned to deliver its peak torque between 1,100rpm and 1,500rpm and when you turn on the Tractor Management (TMS) it will do its best to reach your target speed within that range. This can make it feel like it's chugging along and those that aren't used to this might think it's struggling. However once you realise that you don't need high revs to get the power it makes the job seem a lot less frantic and creates a pleasant hush in the cabin. 

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