Tuesday, 11 April 2017

It's Bluebell Season!

Bluebells transform our woodland in Springtime. The carpet of intense blue under the opening tree canopy is one of our greatest woodland spectacles. It's not surprising that bluebell is one of the nations best loved wild flowers.

Spotting a carpet of bluebells in a woodland is a highlight of any springtime walk in the countryside.

Where and When to find bluebell?

When: Bluebells flower between mid April and late May

This early flowering makes the most of the sunlight that reaches the woodland floor before the full woodland canopy casts its shade. Millions of bugs may grow closely together in on wood, creating one of natures most stunning displays.

Where: Half of the worlds population of bluebells are here in the UK. You'll find them in broadleaved woodland, along hedgerows and in fields.

What does bluebell look like?

Bluebells are perennial bulbous herbs with flowering stems to about  50cm tall. They spend most of the year as bus underground and emerge to flower from April onwards. 

Leaves: Around 7mm to 25mm wide and 45cm long Strap-shaped with a pointed tip. They are smooth with a succulent appearance.

Flowers: Up to 20 sweetly scented floors are borne on a flower stalk which droops or nods to one side. Flowers are bell shaped and can be blue, white or rarely pink. Each flower has 6 petals with recurved (up-turned) tips. Anthers have white cream coloured pollen.

(Wyham cum Cadeby, Lincolnshire)

Woodland Trust own over 1,000 sites across the UK, many of which are fantastic bluebell hotspots.

Type your town or postcode into the search box. Look out for the bluebell icon on the wood features to see which woods have bluebells.

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