The Farmgirl Room Tour

I've always wanted to do a room tour but I have decorated my bedroom 5 million times since I moved in and this is my latest decor. I love how it's looking and wanted to share some photos.

My bedroom is my tranquil space. It's a carefully chosen, intentional space that makes me relax and feel at ease in the world. It's where I switch off. It's where I am at peace. It is my favourite room in my house. 

First lets talk about the main piece in the room, the bed. The frame is actually from IKEA it's a double sized. The mattress is brand new from John Lewis. As I spend such a huge chunk of my time resting and sleeping I wanted my bed to the comfiest, snuggles space possible. I have just bought new bedding, 600 thread count Egyptian cotton set from Home Sense and it feels amazing to sleep in. It's like a hotel luxury but at home, every night. Sure, it's an effort to iron after washing especially give the king size but I adore it and it's so worth taking the time out.

I wanted to keep the details nice and simple so they are white to go with the bed covers.
Above my bed I have a wooden deer head, it's not real.

Either side of my bed, we have matching Henmes tables from IKEA. My bedside lamps are simple White Nickel Plated from IKEA too. For some reason choosing the lighting options is one of the hardest decisions to make. Also on my bedside I have artificial plants because I already have too many house-plants in my bedroom... which most probably is bad for you?!

Between the door and my wardrobe, I have a dressing table which is also from IKEA, haha. I love having my own dressing table after sharing one with my sister when I was younger. It's nice to have a proper stool from IKEA to spend time pampering myself. 

On top of the dressing table, I have a magnifying mirror from House of Fraser and I'm sure with time I will reshuffle the look of the dressing table. I also have my hairdryer and straighteners as I use them everyday and a bottle of Double wear make up. haha!

Next to my dressing table, I have my wardrobe which I put together myself so it could fall down at any moment, haha. But most people have seen a wardrobe so this is what is on top of it..

I have an old antique gold chair that I bought from an antique store last year, definitely a bargain. It's so comfy. That ends up being a clothes dumping ground during the week.

So if you have a master bedroom on the larger side you should for sure put a dresser. I have dresser that I have had since I lived in my other house but it was actually my mothers but she kindly gave me it... I didn't have anything to put my huge TV on.

As always with interiors it is a work in progress but I am so happy with how it is turning out so far. It's a calming space that is conductive to rest and recuperation along with space with dressing, pampering and making ourselves feel pretty.


Dressing Table - IKEA

Bedside Tables - IKEA

Bed - IKEA

Wardrobe - IKEA

Dresser - IKEA

And that's my bedroom! Thanks for reading!