Here's 50 random facts about me

I wanted to do a fun, slightly more personal than usual post. I am somewhat transparent about myself here on my blogging platform but there are so many other aspects about myself that I don't share. I love reading these tags about other bloggers or people in general.

 So here's 50 pretty random yet light hearted facts about me. This was actually a little bit harder todo than I thought it would be! My mind just went totally blank at first, who knew it would be difficult to list random things about yourself. Here's what I came up with...

1. The sun instantly makes me happy and rain instantly get me down.

2. I am a really fussy eater and stick to what I know and love.

3. I can appear quite shy when I first meet people, but very quickly warm up.

4. My best friend is.. I don't have just one. So many of my friends are my bestie. Each has little quirks that make me love them for themselves. Each one brings something different to my life and injects positively in some way - there no time for negativity.

5. My perfect evening is.... watching netflix movies and having a takeaway.

6. The best thing my mother taught me was... to be kind and polite. As the old saying goes, "Good manners cost nothing," and I try to remember this with everything I do.

7. I'd like to sorry to... my sister for ruining her birthday in 1992 and onwards, as I was born the day before hers and she always reminds me every birthday that I ruined it for her.

8. The one thing I'd change about myself is... my self confidence in certain situations. I always doubt my own ability in conversations with new people and I get really nervous. Once I get going I'm absolutely fine but theres a tiny part of me that holds back.

9. The bravest thing I am doing is... tackling my anxiety. It takes a lot of courage and bravery, especially when it impacts on day-to-day life. I never though I'd be where I am today after struggling for most of my teen and young adult life.

10. The smell of mushrooms cooking me want to throw up and don't even get me started on what they taste like.

11. Sunglasses shopping frustrates me because of my pea head. None of them fit me.

12. I have the worst selective hearing EVER. It annoys everyone so much. If you were to talk to me as I am writing, I just wouldn't hear you.

13. My favourite perfume is Chanel Mademoiselle. I love the scent and I always feel happier when I get a waft of it during the day.

14. I hate flying. I love airports, lounges but the act of flying makes me sick. I don't like heights and any turbulence makes me think the plane is about to crash. I'm not a good flier.

15. I'm a total water and I would live in the bath if I could but I can't bear it when my hands go 'pruney' it drives me insane. I learn recently that, it's our bodies way of gibing us better grip in water but I still hate the feeling, almost as bad as cotton wool.

16. Two of my favourite ever TV shows are Emmerdale and Friends.

17. I have one sister who is 32 years of age.

18. My favourite clothing stores are H&M, Zara and ASOS.

19. My favourite seasons are spring and summer.

20. I love being outside.

21. I absolutely love Apple products, I find them to be the most accessible technology items and I'm building up quite a collection on their products which I'm not sure is good or bad!

22. Spiders and Moths terrify me, even the sight or sound of them creep me out. I will run a mile if I see one! Windows open in the night during summer = a nightmare.

23. I was so scared of the film ET as a child and maybe even a little bit now... He just creeped me out!

24. I adore pets, especially dogs.

25. Nature is my therapy.

26. My father walked out 6 years ago and I haven't seen him since.

27. I am absolutely crap at giving directions.

28. I get cold easily. Winter is a particularly different time for me.
Thick fluffy oversized sweaters and hot chocolate.

29. I am completely addicted to tea. I have to have at least 4 cups a day!

30. I'm an Libra.

31. I try to see the positive in everything.

32. My biggest fear is being left alone.

33. I love cake, you don't understand how important it is to me.

34. I love taking photographs.

35. I always dress well, even if it is just to go to a convenience store.

36. I love laughing. Laughing truly is the best medicine.

37. I talk about the weather a lot.

38. I have a boyfriend and his name is James.

39. I wear a size 5 shoe, sometimes even a size 4 *sad face*

40. I literally have the best view in the world from my bedroom window.

41. When I get too tired I get clumsy, forgetful and grumpy.

42. I don't like the sea, because it scares me. You just don't know whats lurking beneath and thats terrifying.

43. I am obsessed with Evian water.

44. I am 26 (27 on the 26th September), some of you may already know this but a lot people that don't know my age actually think I am around 17-19. Without makeup I look about 10.

45.  I used to have a secret crush on Bradley Cooper.

46. I absolutely love Home Sense, especially their candles!

47. I love driving, hate traffic. I couldn't live anywhere that involved traffic.

48. I dislike spicy food.

49. My eyebrows are completely natural.

50. I absolutely adore outdoors malls! The combination of exploring new stores and nature just encompass the perfect way to spend a weekend!


Can you relate to any of these facts?