How is it September already?

 It's almost time for autumn! 
 Autumn wreaths is what everyone is talking about this year. 
Wreaths always leave your front porch looking amazing and making sure your guests feel like you've put real thought into making every inch of your home inviting. 

Whatever you choose, your creativity bound to be noticed and appreciated. After all, your front porch gets the most traffic of any area of your home and its the first thing your friends and family members will see when they arrive. 

 So, I decided to make a sunflower, wheat, rose hips and Ivy wreath. I love sunflowers, they make me feel happy and I am trying to hold on to summer. 
 I walked a few steps around the farm, trying to find standing wheat (that the farmers kindly didn't harvest), hose hips etc. But if you are stuck looking for natural dried wheat because most of the farmers in the UK have almost finished harvest, 
you can purchase dried wheat from Dried Flowers and Door Wreaths - Great British Florist
*If you want a wreath to last a very long time, use dried flowers!*
*Great British Florist has a great selection.*

Making a wreath is much more simple than it looks. We used pre-made wreath bases to speed up the process but you can make your own from willow, birch or hazel branches twisted together and held with florists wire.

Choose a selection of flowers, often just 3 or 4 different types of flowers and foliage look better than lots and lots. Always leave 2-3 inches of stem on the flowers and simply push them into the wreath, one type at a time, working your way round the wreath.

We find it is best to start off with the larger flowers first and leave the smaller flowers until the end.

Don't feel you have to cover every inch of the wreath with flowers, you need a surprising amount of flowers to do this and often just a few flowers can look just as effective. If you feel the flowers aren't secure on the wreath you can tie them in using florists wire. We are using natural flowers because we are surrounded by wildflowers on the farm especially sunflowers.

In under 30 minutes I have a simple sunflowers wreath for my front door.

*Yellow is such a happy colour*