Sweet! Market Rasen has The Best Sweet Shop!

Garnett's Sweetshop is a family run business and is located in Market Rasen. What's nice about this shop is a the heritage, the actual shop itself is over 110 years old has been ran as a sweetshop and selling all the very best traditional British sweets including flying saucers, sherbet foundations, gobstoppers and much much more! The owner Louise, she is so friendly and really made me feel welcome. Explaining the history of the shop itself and why Garnett's is so special in this area. 

No matter how old you are, sweets holds a sweet spot in the hearts of those who relish the good old days. The day when you could go to the local sweet shop and stuff your pockets with as many sweets as your little jeans could hold.

The shop has a lots of regulars who have been coming a very long time and now their children and grandchildren come. I always walk by and look in as they have amazing selection of sweets inside. Most of which I remember buying as a child, I also smiled when I saw the prices available in 100g. My favourite sweets are vimto bon bons, Joseph Dobson bubblegum lollipops, sherbert lemons etc. 

The range in the store was very wide as you would expect from such a traditional store. But it was easy to navigate around and I quickly spotted What I perceived to be the key selling points of the shop, which for me were the beautiful homemade chocolate, the traditional and broad range of classic childhood sweets in traditional jars, the wide range of continental chocolate bars and the penny sweets of course.

So next time you have a sweet tooth have a wander down to
45 Queen St, Market Rasen. LN8 3EN or  visit Garnetts Confectionery Facebook.

The best sweet shop in market risen that supply overflowing barrels of sweets with its sugary, irresistible, rainbow glow. It'll whisk you away down memory lane.