"The Farmgirl"

About me

Hello, my name is Abbiemay... 27 year old country bumpkin at heart, living in rural area in Lincolnshire. I grew up on a farm, went to school, took a break from farming went the long way around and found myself back in agriculture.

I call myself a farm girl simply because I live on a farm and love it. I love all of the wonderful space to explore. I love admiring the crops and waiting for them to grow then harvest, haha. 

Would I like to try living in the city sometimes? NO!! 

I'm so trilled that you've stumbled over to my blog! I wasn't even quite sure what a blog was a few years ago but I knew I needed some sort of creative outlet and decided to give blogging a try. It wasn't long before I caught the blogging bug, and I am still totally in awe that this blog of mine (that I didn't think anyone would ever read).

 I work... a lot both on and off farm to make the dream work but in my spare time I do like to blog  and take lots of photographs and also I love spending time with my dishy fiancé, James. 

One thing I have learnt since being involved in farming is that it is a subject that EVERYONE enjoys discussing and are intrigued about. 

The Lincolnshire Farmgirl was founded and designed by myself. It's a place where I will be sharing photography, collaborations and myself rambling on what something.

 This little corner of the internet isn't just mine, it's yours, too, so please-make yourself at home! 

I really look forward to hearing from you and have a wonderful day!!

love of lots