Affordable Autumn Candles from Homesense

Autumn has arrived in Lincolnshire. One day I was sitting outside in my crocs, the next I was complaining of cold ankles and turning the heating on. It only takes a few days for the warmth of the summer to be but a distant memory and for the evenings to start getting darker.

It's no secret now that I'm scented candle addict! I have SO many but that definitely doesn't stop me buying more when I come across a new fragrance I like. I decided to do a little post of my favourite candles for this season! 

I can't resist a trip to Homesense. I like to shop for candles is Homesense as they generally have an extension and affordable range. I can spend hours in there smelling all the different scents, which drives my boyfriend crazy, ha. He usually ends up coming home with a headache. It also encourage me to try out different brands and get something that but different when it comes to the candle packaging. It's safe to say I've found a new candle love is DW home and I cannot wait to see what they do for the Christmas season.

You can sometimes find discounted Yankee Candles in Homesense but I find its best just to be led by your nose and pick out something that grabs you or just looks pretty - certainly the place to go if you wanting a beautiful pleasing candle or lantern for your desk.

DW HOME Pumpkin Pecan Scented Candle - £12.99

All I've burnt over the past couple of weeks at night time. So I decide to feature this one first. The jar itself is giving me super autumnal vibe but the scent... oh wow the scent! It smells delicious. Pureed pumpkin and chopped pecans combine with spicy nutmeg, aromatic cinnamon, and creamy clove.

DW HOME Pumpkin Bourbon Scented Candle - £3.99

The packaging is proper autumn vibes. Orange with a little camping scent and campfire. Wish I was in that roasting marshmallows under the crisp autumn air! And because it's autumn, obviously I had to get something pumpkin related for Halloween next week.

Sweet pumpkin puree stirred into creamy nutmeg spiked vanilla custard, blended with a warm allspice candles clove, brown sugar and a dash of rich bourbon broiled to caramelised sugar perfection.

DW Naturals Coconut Wax Scented Candle - £3.99

Harvest pumpkin spiced with sweet cinnamon and peppered clove combine with mulled apple cider, buttered rum, and golden honey.

WoodWick Jolly Gingerbread - £14.99

I opted for this large Jolly Gingerbread candle and I'm so glad I did. The scent is perfect, even better than I expected and it certainly gets thrown into the room. It's gorgeous! The candle are created with sustainable soy wax, to provide you with a long, slow and clean burn. The crackling wooden wick itself its organic too.

Where to buy - This is self explanatory but I would say that if you have a Homesense store near you then visit it! They stock an extensive range of candles and the rest of the store is just amazing! I'm yet to leave empty handed!

What are you burning this autumn?