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The iconic fedora has been given a country twist.

Fedora hats are the toast of the season right now. The fedora is an accessory that can elevate your outfit like no other!

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer... There's a fedora made for every season. Wool felt fedoras remain an undisputed favourite, especially for these cool autumn days and chilly winter nights.
Wool is a durable fabric with a cozy feel but it can also be quite delicate. 

Women's fedora come in just about any fabric you can imagine, from tweed,  leather to velvet and an ever increasing list of synthetic fibres. Pay attention to the hats material to help steer your decision on when and where you want to wear it and don't forget, there are easy ways to keep your hat clean.

I've found that shopping for hats is not easy, especially if you have a pea sized head like mine.. but after not owning a hat, all of sudden I own a lot of hats. I have a new found love for hats, especially fedora hats and beanies.

I'm wearing the Buford Fedora in the camel colour and it's gorgeous warm brown tone. It's not orange like some camel tones but a really lovely traditional sand warm tone which suits with brunettes beauties and blonde bombshells.

This hat is great quality, really soft yet not problem holding it's shape in the heavy rain! Most definitely 100% waterproof! I am very pleased with the hat from Cotswold Country Hats as well as the service. What a wonderful company to deal with.

Thank you so much Cotswold Country for giving me the opportunity to test out your fedora hat!

Review: I received a Cotswold Country Hat for free in exchange for a review of the product on my blog and social feeds.

Do you own a fedora?


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