What's in my bag?

One of my favourite kind of blog posts to read or Youtube videos to watch is what people carry in their handbags. I always think it's so interesting, so today I am sharing a fun slightly more personal post and sharing what's in my bag for November 2019.

Have you have seen one of our beautiful bags and thought "It is lovely but is it big enough? Can I fit my houseplant, kitchen sink and next door's dog" inside?
Well, today one the blog I'm sharing the essentials that I carry in my bag, showing you just how practical and spacious it is for everyday use. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible but I always like to be ready for any situation I might find myself in. So without further ado, here what I squirrel away inside this Mary Poppins-esque bag:

1. The bag: The bag I carry most is my Longchamp Le Pliage tote. I have had this bag for a long time and it's very reasonably priced. It also fits a TON and goes with everything. I would love to have it in another colour too!

2. Makeup bag: About a year ago I purchased a Longchamp make up bag and I love it! It holds a ton and is the perfect size for a tote bag. I keep a few essentials in there, I usually keep 2-3 bandaids, some headache medicine, lipsticks, foundation, eye liner, perfume, hair ties, and mascara.

3. My purse: This purse is fab is notes, coins and cards. You really want to keep this safe which is what makes the zip compartment in this bag so useful

4. Hand Sanitizer: I never, ever leave anywhere without using hand sanitizer. Cleaning my hands is a MUST! Because germs are a no go for me, especially, during flu season.

5. Lip colour. A girl can never too many lips in her bag right? I recently got Charlotte Tillsbury amazing grace and I'm in love with it because it already makes my lips so incredibly soft and its so much prettier than carrying around a chapstick!

6. Tissues. I hate it when i go to the bathroom then notice that there is no toilet part or that the toilet paper is the cheapest of the cheap, so obviously I carry around a packet of tissues. Also, I am so clumsy and spill drinks etc a lot so carrying tissues with me really comes in handy!

7. Mints. There is always mints in my bag as they are great to freshen your month after earring or drinking.

8. Emergency Kit: The pink and red tin that you can see, I picked up from The Leaping Tiger from Lincoln. It contains so many life savers, plasters and mini sewing kit etc!

9. Card holder: I keep mainly my loyalty cards inside here but I love it, if I am nipping out the house and I don't need my handbag with me. I usually just take my card holder with me.

10. Sunglasses: Now that it's November I don't usually wear sunglasses but I just keep them in my bag just in case.

11. My iPhone. This is a must for most of us. It's literally a lifeline to my family, my friends and my google where I can look up anything at a moment notice.

12. Hair ties. When it get hot, I have got to put my hair up!

13. Feminine products.

ok, with all those "essentials" its no wonder we an end up doing the dreaded digging in the handbag.  The solution for a clutter-free hand bag is several smaller pouches inside the bag. For example, one for makeup, another for meds etc. You get the point. It is much easier to pull out a few pouches rather than the endless rummaging through lots of individual items.