2020 New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you had a really lovely Christmas break, and you're ready to start 2020 with a little more motivation than you had last year.. I know I am. This is the time of year everyone sets New Year resolutions and although I don't plan to make any this year because lets be real, who actually sticks to them?, I plan to make a few goals that I can reach through the year.

What are my goals?

  • Blogging – I always include a blogging goal in my yearly posts as blogging is a big part of my life.  Throughout the back-end of 2019 I did a good job at posting twice a week, and I’m hoping to continue posting in 2020. I’ll be posting at 6PM GMT on Monday's – A few more collab posts would be amazing also, if anyone wants to do a collab then send me an email and I’ll definitely get back to you!
  • Refrain from making negative comments. I consider myself a realist but I think that can get just as annoying as being a pessimist I think to stop pointing out faults and the negative sides of things because that brings everybody down, including myself. So, I'll try and keep those to myself and not rain on everyone's parade.
  • Journal more. I absolutely love writing and I especially enjoy writing my feelings and thoughts down. I'm not a fan of talking about my feelings, so writing them down is my kind of therapy. Even though I enjoy it very much and I love reading through the stuff that I've written from time to time, I seem to have stopped doing it and then I don't because something always gets in the way. Well, that needs to stop. I really want to dedicate a bit more of my time to reflecting and paying attention to myself.
  • I think something I really need to start doing is speaking out my mind more and standing up for myself. I think this is a pretty obvious one because it's something everyone should do. We shouldnt care about what others will think and we should say what we're thinking, say if we don't agree and just say whatever it is we want to say.
  • Read more. An annual one, but also read the news more often. I think its time I start being informed about whats going on in the world even though its usually not the prettiest picture. Ignorance is bliss at this day and age, but it makes me feel a bit stupid not knowing whats going on around me and luckily three a simple way for fix that.
  • Become better and more comfortable with people. This is something that I'm working on daily and I'm hoping that soon I'll overcome my awkwardness and' or shyness and be able to feel at ease with people.
There, those are some the things I'm hoping to better myself at this year and hopefully this year I'll actually manage to come through with them. So, drink more water, drink your green tea, get enough sleep and write some of your goals in the comments.