Our Holiday to Florida

We arrived into Tampa on the sunniest of afternoon, like one of those afternoons were its that hot, it instantly put a smile on my face. 

It was so grey and miserable in Manchester and the weather was having one of those transitional "not cold enough for coats but also not warm enough to go out without one" kinda limbo moments (which happens over that brief period just as winter slowly transitions to spring and I'd had quite enough of it. I was ready for Florida sunshine.

We actually flew from Manchester to Frankfurt then Frankfurt to Tampa which was a very long slow flight, I could never fly for 10hours ever again. Once we got to Tampa, we had an one hour and half drive to the villa. The place we would call home in Florida Cumbrian Lakes.


We were celebrating Christmas in Florida so we rented a villa so our whole family could stay under one roof. The villa did not disappoint it had everything we wished for, the pool was amazing, spent most of nights in the pool/hot tub. But I haven't been swimming for at least 20 years and I literally forgotten how to swim. At least it made James's holiday. haha. The location of this villa was perfect because you are pretty central to all the attractions but enough removed to wind down in a peaceful area. The plan was to start things off just chilling at the villa for a few days. 

We headed to Celebration FL, on Christmas eve. In this little town of Celebration it snows nightly, beginning at 6pm. The main street is blocked off and decorated with an ice rink for skating, Christmas carols play in the street when it begins to snow. We felt like we were in small town america, with the beautifully decorated and lit tree, the horse and buggy rides and the snow. You must visit this town around Christmas time. I am so glad we did!

Cracker Barrel is a quirky little place, very traditional american food. The food was very good, its like home cooking and delicious. The old lemonade is amazingly fresh. It is very affordable. The restaurants is old time america with a great shop and super friendly staff. 

When you walk in to Cracker Barrel, you could spend a couple of hours looking round! I would highly recommend if you ever visit Kissimmee Florida. 

Boxing day James and myself spent the day at Cocoa Beach. We enjoyed our day at this beach, we walked part of it but didn't realise before coming just how big it is. There was a lot going on at the beach but it wasn't crowed at all. 

The sand was soft and we collected many shells while walking. We didn't go for a swim in the sea as we wasn't really appeared but it was just lovely to sit and chill. It was really warm, so I could top up our my tans, me especially as James is a natural and goes brown instantly. *sad face*

The warm water make this a wonderful beach destination. Me and James has such a wonderful time at Cocoa Beach. It was also very clean.

We went to the Camping World Bowl on December 28th. It was a rainy forecast for the first time game but the rain mostly held off. We had good seats for the game. It was our first time watching american football. 


 It was a lot of fun but I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Maybe you can tell by my face above. It was something different to do on holiday!

We visited Cocoa Beach before making our way to the tourist beach, Clearwater the beach names itself. The water was so clean and fresh. Without doubt the whitest sand I have ever seen. 

James and myself loved this beach and a bonus for us personally as this was our first time seeing the Gulf of Mexico. It was a great atmosphere. It was very busy, I don't think I've never seen so many human being on a beach before. People watching was rather fun though. 

James was hoping to get a few photographs of a few dolphins but unfortunately he didn't. I captured this one above which is the nearest we got to a dolphin. 

(This is James burning in the sun, modelling Oakley sunglasses .... just kidding!) 

I can't really say this enough but staying at the villa and having our own car really did make this a perfect holiday for us. We didn't visit any theme parks, but hopefully we will go back in the future. We travelled 900ish miles around Florida over 12 days. We got back home on New Year's Day.. and for 10 days I have been suffering with Jet Lag, I don't think I've slept so much in my life. 
P.S. Jet lag is real. 

I'd like to thank you for visiting my website and taking a moment to read my blog post!