Take a Peek Inside My Bedroom

Welcome to my room!!!

Today's post is going to be all about my bedroom! I have decorated my bedroom 5 millions times since I moved in and this is my latest decor. I am really excited to share a little tour of my bedroom with you. I'm so pleased with how my bedroom has come together over the last few years.

And that's my bedroom. I love the neutrals mixed with black and white prints!

My bedroom is my tranquil space. It's a carefully chosen, intentional space that makes me relax and feel at ease in the world. It's where I switch off. It's where I am at peace. It is my favourite room in the house. It's my minimalist white bedroom.

Obviously, everything is from ikea because it's the greatest place in all of life. I love looking through the ikea catalogue every time it comes out as its got plenty of inspiring ideas for the bedroom and especially creative storage solutions and ways to maximise the space you have. So when I finally got around to creating my bedroom. I just knew ikea would be the perfect fit to bring all my ideas to life.