The Perfect Black Boots

You've heard the saying 'beauty is pain' right? Well this couldn't be truer when it come to footwear.

I don't think I'm wrong in saying that lace up shoes are having a moment right now. Sure they're impractical as hell (seriously, all that tying up!) but they look good. Obviously loads of high end designers are creating their own styles, but I'm all about the budget when it comes to trend pieces so I've decided to pick out my favourite

I bought these boots from H&M last month as I've always wanted a pair of lace up boots and I am not kidding you but I absolutely fell in love with them and consequently worn them to death.

Every wardrobe needs a pair that you can wear day in day out with dresses and jeans. I like to invest in at least one pair every winter but with so many out there is can be different to make a decision. I felt that these H&M boots are actually very practical, they have a small heel but are very comfortable and go with just about anything. 

One shoe every girl needs in her closet is a comfortable ankle boots. You will get a lot of wear out of your boots so it's worth really investing in a pair that you will still want to wear for years to come.

For the price these are fab. Great for winter and wet conditions. Comfortable and a good fit. They go with lots of different outfits (I've worn the most days since I bought them!). I have had loads of people comment that they like them too. Not sure about how they will last year as I haven't had them that long. So far so good. I do recommend these boots. They are roomy enough to wear my fluffy socks plus they are lined to so are super warm. I got the Matt black size 5.
Not too clunky but sole is nice thickness.

I don't necessarily need any height, but it's nice to be a little bit taller isn't it?