Celebrating our engagement with Biscuiteers Biscuit

Anyone who follows me on Instagram might know that I got engaged last weekend. 

If someone said to me 'Tell me something about your partner?' there are many things I could say. 
For example; he makes me smile every single day and that annoying trait of being good at everything. 

How amazing are these biscuits?

When my lovely friend on the farm surprised us with Biscuiteers engagement biscuit tin. I honestly couldn't think of a better engagement present. The only trouble I have is feeling guilty about eating them because they're just so beautiful. I haven't managed to eat them yet, as I just love to look at them but they have a long shelf life which is really hand so I'm not running out of time yet. I am sure James will be the first to break the ice and eat one of them. He does love a cup of tea and biscuits.

The company is The Biscuiteers www.biscuiteers.com and they are the most wonderful brand I have ever seen from the website to the packaging they are super stylish.

My biscuits came in a mini beautiful decorated tin, with 3 layers containing 10 individually decorated engagement related shaped biscuits all sealed in tissue paper and with lovely little details like stickers. 

Are you a fan of Biscuiteers? Which Biscuiteers collection is your favourite?