Alpaca Socks from Perilla Review

Perilla very kindly sent me two pairs of socks to try out. A gorgeous pair of pink everyday socks and a lovely pair of luxury socks. As soon as I put them on, I realised I had been converted. 

Perilla is a shop that specialises in alpaca accessories and clothing, they have lots of cool alpaca socks, jumpers and cashmere accessories and they're simply perfect all seasons. Made with 75% alpaca they sounded like a dream. Being a size 5 the small (size 4-7) were a perfect fit for me. 

My first impression was the quality and thickness of the socks, they felt amazingly well made and you could feel the quality of the wool. The socks are very cozy and warm and feel amazing on.

The first time I wore these was at the weekend and I couldn't believe quite how comfortable they were when I put them on. It felt like I was walking on air. Throughout the day that feeling didn't fade and I was amazed at what difference a comfortable pair of alpaca socks made.

My feet are often freezing cold but with these lovely alpaca socks, my toes were actually warm. Snug even! My fiancĂ© thought I was a little nuts when I kept going on about them, but I'm so impressed with them. When I find something amazing, I want to share it with the world. So here I am, sharing it with you. 
Have you tried alpaca socks before? You really should!  

Overall, These socks are the best ever! They keep your feet comfortable and warm. They also washed well and didn't shrink to baby booties in the water. I am really impressed with the material, sizing too.  

Perilla's passion is alpaca socks and they pride themselves in producing the most luxurious range of yarn dyed alpaca socks. Their yarn is imported from Peru which is dyed in Scotland and knitted in England. They offer seven ranges of socks in up to twenty different colours that can be gift boxed in their gorgeous bespoke boxes which would make the most perfect gift, especially for Christmas or any occasion. I suggest you have a look at Perilla's website. It's a real treat!

I'd highly recommend Perilla and please do check them out!