Welcome to my views on nature... 

 One thing I will always do is work with nature and never rely on Photoshop to help me out, if I can't work around something that doesn't look right in images I won't shoot it. Photoshop to sort images than you are not a photographer, nature is far from perfect so why make it perfect.
Born and raised in Lincolnshire. Since a child, nature has been of great interest.

Photography for me is all about getting out into nature, putting some work in, if this means freezing to death in the winter or being cooked alive this is what I will do to get my shots.

Photography around the farm is fun and for most of the time is my main edition work, lived around farms for most of my life so find farm machinery photography a real pleasure. My work is a combination of documentary, art and stock thats without my storm chasing, hobby side and the odd sunset. 

We are slowly loosing nature and I do hope the world wakes up before it's too late!!

Always try to give nature a home, do you really want a world without nature?
 They are depending on us for their future! 
So that's The Lincolnshire Farmgirl photography and nature... I hope you enjoy my work!

All my artworks is available to buy through my PixieSet, in prints, canvas, cards and digital downloads from just £3. Offering digital downloads as stock images for magazines, websites, editorial and personal use. Full size image download are £10. 

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