Why I get really emotional this time of the year?

I'm sad, like really sad because I'm here clinging onto the end of the summer like my life depends on it, all around me is joy and excitement about the season I hate the most.


There, I said it. I don't like Autumn. In fact, I kind of hate it.

Most people see beautiful colours, being wrapped up warm in a scarf with a Starbucks latte. Not me. I see dead trees, rain and driving home in the dark. That's depressing. Especially as a girl that likes to exercise outdoors. You might think winter is the worse for that, I find winter is cold and bitter but not as wet. Plus there's something really peaceful about walking on a winter morning when the air is fresh and crisp. 

Next up is when the clocks change and it's dark at like 5pm. That's the worst. Let there be light!

The next terrible thing to happen is all those massive spiders start chilling like a villain in your house. I am pretty sure they are getting bigger each year. They shouldn't even be called spiders anymore. Spiders 2.0. Animal edition.
So there's that to look forward too. I've got my hoover ready.  
So that's another reason I hate autumn. SPIDERS.

The last reason I hate autumn is at the change of the season, the entire world gets a cold.
*Eye Roll*

I just love long summer days.

I do like Bonfire night, though. I think this is how the seasons should go:

  • Spring 
  • Summer
  • Bonfire Night on 20th October 
  • Skip to December 1st for the Christmas Build up
  • Have New Years
  • Have 1 week of awesome snow
  • Skip back to Spring

What would your perfect year look like in season?