Hello October!

Can you believe it's already October? How crazy right? This year is flying by so fast but I am so excited for the Holiday season! This is the month that it feels like the best of both worlds, you still get those Indian summer days but also the air feels fresher.

As I snuggle down to write this post, would you believe I'm already hidden inside a knitted jumper, fluffy socks and wondering when I put that hot water bottle?! It can only mean one thing, autumn has finally arrived! 

The colour of the leaves changing from green to orange, brown, yellow or red, one by one escaping that branches of the tree and landing delicately on the crisp cold floor to make a blanket of colour on the ground. Layers, scarves and chunky knit jumpers comforting the chill in the air as they wrap around our still slightly sun kissed skin. The warm glow of candles that flicker in the dull afternoon light filling the room with a comforting aroma. It's Autumn!

The only thing I like about autumn days is going for walks in the woods or around the farm. I love wrapping up warm and going for a nice walk and getting some fresh air. The perfect walk for me is on a cold autumns day where the sky is blue, that my ideal day for a gorgeous walk.

I absolutely love to collect conkers and have done so ever since I was young. Last week I went on the hunt for a conker trees and eventually found a few where I live. I filled a tote bag with as many conkers as I could find. I love using conkers to decorate the house as they definitely symbolise autumn to me. I have currently filled my glass dome with conkers. I can't get enough of it.

So no I am not the biggest fan of the autumn (I'll just always be a fair weather girl) but I do love the different kind of adventures and the memories I can make and the huge loot of conkers we then come home with to both scare the spiders away (apparently they don't like conkers) and make a very cute autumn display. 

So that's is it for my autumn favourites what are yours? Do you like walks in the woods or do you prefer a cosy night? Hope you enjoyed this blog post and see you on Friday!