Looking for an affordable Beating jacket?

I got into beating 6 years ago, beating can be great fun but ultimately a beater is there to do a job and help the keeper achieve the day's bag. If you are unfamiliar with what beating actually is, basically a beater is a person who has the job of flushing birds such as pheasants and partridges from cover in the direction of the guns. Being part of a good team and putting birds over the guns isn't always as easy as it sounds because weather conditions play a big part.

It is very important that your coat keeps you warm and dry while beating. If you get soaked in the first drive you will be wet or damp for the rest of the day. It's taken me a long time to find a decent beating coat, firstly I had a Barbour Wax jacket and that wasn't waterproof then I had a Sherwood Forest jacket which was warm and waterproof but once the jacket got wet it got very heavy which isn't great when you are walking around all day but finally I've found a coat that is waterproof, windproof and doesn't get heavy when it gets wet and its very affordable. 

A warm coat in winter is one of life essentials!

Mountain Warehouse, it might not be a shooting jacket brand but I absolutely love it. It's very comfy, you don't actually know you are wearing it until you look in the mirror, haha. 

It took me a while browsing the internet looking for a women's khaki coat, but then I realised you can only get colour khaki in mens so I got a size small in mens, which fits me perfectly. I am usually a size 8/10 in women coats. It's better to have a coat a bit bigger, so you can layer up. I certainly do all the time. 

About Mountain warehouse

MW is the UK's largest outdoor retailer with 170+ stores nationwide. Their stores and website offer great valve outdoor clothing and equipment for all the family.

From cycling, hiking, walking, camping, festivals, horse riding to skiing. Mountain warehouse has the gear you need, at the prices you want. 

At Mountain Warehouse pride themselves on offering the best gear, best service and the best prices regardless of your skill level. With no compromise on quality, our outdoor clothing range has been designed to meet your needs.

Fell is a 3 in 1 jacket with a water resistant shell and packable hood. The fabric is 100% polyester for both layers, very breathable and highly insulating. 

When the weather is mild, the outer layer can be worn on its own. It adjusts as the sleeves and and hem and it is also sightly longer than a regular jacket. This way it keeps the back protected as well. 

There are pockets on the outer shell and two on the fleece layer. Speaking of which, it comes with a high collar and adjustable cuffs. The fabric is very durable and breathable so when both layers are worn together, you won't overheat. The can each be worn on their own and when the cold really kicks in, they combine into a warm winter jacket. There are three colours: Khaki, Black, Beige.

Shoots go on in all weathers, rain, shine or snow so it is important that you are equipped for all situations. 

Thank you so much for reading!