Something amazing happened to me this morning!!

Something amazing happened to me this morning: I woke up.

I don't mean I suddenly experienced a religious conversion or became "woke" as in socially conscious. I mean I quite literally and simply opened my eyes. Through some miracle and myself of consciousness I woke up to the reality of my life, ready for another day.

Another day to drink tea, text a friend, listen to music, stare into space, wash my hair, eat breakfast and check Twitter. Another day to see my boyfriend, read a book, sneeze, receive a compliment and worry about what the hell I'm going to write about.
But it's not just me. You woke up today, too.

This is a big deal. Especially when you realised that there will come a day when you will NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN.

It can flood your entire existence with the feeling of gratitude. 


We affirm there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we've received. Second we recognise the sources of this goodness as being outside ourselves. Practising gratitude can be difficult. How are we supposed to feel gratitude when life seems to be a never ending source of small disappointments and failures?

Most people feel as if they need to wait for something good to happen in order to feel grateful. 

Manufacture a feeling of gratitude by simply contemplating all the bad stuff that hasn't happened to you. Let's say you're stuck in traffic and late for an important meeting. In this situation, most of us feel angry and stressed out. You curse the cars in from of you. You beat yourself up for not leaving earlier. You worry about the consequences of your being late. You can stop freaking out and think about how many people around the world would happily trade places with you in order to escape the current reality of their dangerous, less lucky lives. 

Even the smallest things we normally take for granted are incredibly rich, complex and amazing. Allowing ourselves to be in awe of simple things can increase our feelings of gratitude and wellbeing.
You can do this with virtually everything you encounter during your day. 
For instance, what happens when you charge your phone? What's actually going on?

Well, dozens or hundreds of miles away at a power plant, an entry source powers a generator which produces an electoral current. This current goes through giant transformers to increase the voltage. Through a sprawling network of powers lines, the electrical charge arrives at your local substation where the voltage is lowered and sent to smaller power lines in your neighbourhood. The current enters a smaller transformer outside your house, which then goes into your service panel where breakers and fuses protect the wires in your house from getting overloaded. Then the electricity travels through wires in your home to an outlet you use to charge your phone. 

More Gratitude = A better life. 

Knowing how to manufacture a feeling of gratitude is a skill that really can make every aspect of your life better. The good news is you don't have to wait for anything good to happen. 
Unless you're living the worst possible life, you should be easy to find something for which you're grateful. Whether you do that by thinking of all the bad stuff that hasn't happened to you, or by recognising the beauty of simple things (like the fact you have eyes to read this), you can feel a deep sense of wellbeing and ease in every moment of your life.

5 Simple ways to express gratitude every day..

1. Write in a journal. 
2. Express your gratitude in person. 
3. Show respect for those around you.
4. Don't complain.
5. Volunteer in your community.
(Myself helping the firefighters the other weekend!)