Why are Le Chameau so much better than other wellies?

Although summer hasn't exactly been the heatwave we'd all been hoping for and Autumn is in full swing here on the farm and so is my wardrobe. I love Autumnal clothes, that time where you can get all your boots out again. Of course, usually you'll find me in wellingtons.

There are only a handful of brands that command loyalty and respect and Le Chameau is certainly one, the french wellington boot manufacturer has been producing high quality unisex wellington boots since 1927.

I've never been fan of wellington boots, even with my background of growing up on a farm and being into farming, I have always found them to be uncomfortable, cold and sweaty around the legs. I used to wear chelsea boots all the time. But I was slightly surprised when I bought my first pair of LeChameau a few years ago now. They fitted really well and they were not uncomfortable in the slightest and they looked great. I have worn my Le Chameau wellingtons on many occasions now, in the snow, wet and mud, on long walks, at the yard and I am very happy with them. You do not get the ill-fitting slap on the back of the calf as you walk, your feet are not blocks of ice and no blisters at the end of a long day. The boots are very hard wearing.

Le Chameau Vierzonord
The most famous and well known LeChameau Boot. This is where you really start to notice these are not just any old wellies with a neoprene lining, your feet will have extra comfort and warmth. If you have ever had cold feet, we can all appreciate this pain! A handy little inside tip is that the nord at the name means it has neoprene lining.

As worn by Kate Middleton, The Royal family only choose the best.

I am so obsessed with LeChameau, I have literally have three pairs. I need back up, haha and I don't think I would ever buy a different brand of wellington in the future.