It's Finally Sweater Weather - Feather & Fluff

Ah autumn. Or is it winter already? Either way, it's time to dig out the sweatshirts and jumpers wrap up warm when inside or outside.

Raise your hand if you love sweater weather as much as I do! As much as I love the summer it is so fun to have the seasons change and get to transition to a more cozy wardrobe.
It's always a pleasure to share with you a new discovery when it comes to independent brands on this occasion it's fabulous clothing label Feather & Fluff.

I wanted to make this into a little roundup of sweatshirts because as a farm girl, I pretty much just live in thing like this! I will choose being comfy and cozy over cute any day! Something I love nowadays though is there you can be both comfy and cute with some of the sweatshirts that are in style now!

One of my favourite items in my closet have always been sweatshirts. They're easy, comfy and I like to wear them on lazy day, running errands day, off duty days! I find that the simple sweatshirt is an extremely useful item in any wardrobe.

The Oxford Contrast Sweatshirt I am wearing in the photo.

I find that the simple sweatshirt is an extremely useful item in any wardrobe. In years gone by they used to be a tad boring, however over the last few years they have had a make over. You can now find a variety of styles in the shops from the casual to the dressy. This season many of them have prints or logos on them.

Sweatshirt are a must have for winter. Pick one or be like me and pick them all! It's nice to have a different colour and style for each day.

It's definitely a nicer sweatshirt material where it's more structured and fancier (as far as sweatshirts go). Pair it with a jeans and Lechameau and you have yourself a look!

What are your favourite sweatshirt treads for this fall and winter?
I hope you all have a great week and stay warm.

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