Thistles Studio Feather Earrings & Brooch + Discount Code

We're back on the feather train to discuss Thistles Studio feather earrings and brooch. This trend take your standard drop earring but instead of jewels or beads hanging from your ears, there are feathers. There earrings come in a variety or colours, Since these are natural materials with variations created by mother nature, each items unique. No too earrings are identical.

Feathers have always been around in fashion but these earrings are taking the trend a bit too far. They are bold, bright and lightweight. The feather earrings started last year when fashionable folk embraced the country chic vibe.

These pheasant feather earrings are make a beautiful statement and are fun, stylish and youthfully sophisticated. Feather earrings are can be worn as everyday with your favourite dress, with a sweater or jeans and t-shirt and boots, or out on the town for a fun and flirty look.

Thistles Studio sells each pair of earrings for £6.00, and they can be purchased via Etsy.

A stunning feather pin handcrafted in Suffolk, England by Jasmine using real game bird feathers. Featuring a beautiful array of pheasants tail feathers carefully crafted into a 20 bore cartridge base.
A great accessory for any outfit or occasion.

The feather brooch is so beautifully put together and the colours in it are just lovely.

I couldn't be happier with this gorgeous brooch, a great accessory to add to anyone's wardrobe.

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